Motivational Monday, 29 June

Motivational Monday picture, 29 JuneHappy Monday everyone!

Have you ever heard that when you smile at some, it’s contagious? I’m talking a real, warm, genuine smile. Try it sometime, it absolutely does work. And then for the rest of the day just remember that you managed to make a complete stranger smile. You didn’t have to say anything to them, it was just your smile that brought that little ray of sunshine to their lives.

Have a happy week!

Take care,


Welcome to The Jas Files!

Hi everyone!

I have been debating for a while whether or not to set up a personal blog where I give readers a bit more of an insight into me; who I am, what I like to do, things that interest me, etc. I decided, why the hell not and so have jumped in with both feet to give it a go. I’m no stranger to blogging and in fact I have three other blogs already:

  • Dancing Books – this blog is all about books, there are lots of reviews and I’ll be introducing a weekly and monthly feature post to break up all those reviews.
  • Live. Love. Pole. – this blog is all about pole dancing, though while that’s the main focus I am a fan of a lot of other aerial sports so you see posts on those occasionally too.
  • We’re So Vain – this blog is all about beauty products, I get monthly subscriptions with samples so I post about those as well as do product reviews on this blog.

Well that’s great I hear you say, but what about this blog?

This blog isn’t going to be limited to the topics that my other blogs are, except that whatever I post about is all about me. Selfish, I know right? There may be posts about what I’m studying at university, things I might be doing around my house, work trips and holidays I go on. We can all be a bit nosey in seeing what other people are up to, and some of this I really love to share with others because I have such a great time, and who doesn’t love to share that joy?

There will be some feature posts each week and month with this blog as well, just to give it that little bit more structure and so you as my readers will know when to expect something new from me!

  • Motivational Mondays – this once a week post may be an inspirational quote to help you (and me!) get started for the week, or I’ll share the focus of my exercise for the week e.g. nailing an invert, or maybe if there are any goals for the week e.g. not eating any chocolate till the weekend *gulp* good luck with that one!
  • Throwback Thursdays – in this once a week post I’ll dig out an old photo to share with you and tell you the story behind it…but will it always be the true story or something completely fictional, or a mixture of both? I’ll let you guys comment on those ones to try and work it out!
  • Friday Favourites – ahh, this is one I’ve seen so many people do and I think it’s such a great way to reflect on all the good things that have happened during the week, so of course I’m going to aim to do a once a week post here to share with you some of the highlights of my week and I’d encourage you to share yours with me too.
  • Photo An Hour – on the second weekend of each month I’ll be doing a bit of a behind the scenes day in the life kind of thing where I’ll aim to take a picture every hour, of me, of scenery, of both and then upload it here as a collage so you can spend a day a month with me!

I’m pretty excited about starting this blog and I hope you’re also looking forward to sharing this journey with me and seeing how it all unravels. If you have any questions or suggestions I’d love to hear from you!

Take care,