Throwback Thursday, 2 July

Throwback Thursday is another feature post for this blog where I’ll be taking something from the past, maybe a photo, toys, anything at all, and I will tell you the story behind it. However, the story I tell you might not be the truth, or it might not be the truth, it’s up to you to read it and tell me if you think it’s true, or make up your own story and share it with me.

Image of me and a kangaroo.I’m starting easy this week and sharing a picture of me being a goober and pulling a face while standing next to a kangaroo that also looks like a goober.

Ok, so I’m not actually really short, that kangaroo is a real life example of a mega fauna species that used to exist around Mount Gambier, and went extinct thousands and thousands of years ago. Scientists aren’t entirely sure why but suspect is was because they were big and slow and so they were easy prey for the native peoples at the time.

I’m not one to do the normal, stand by something weird and take a picture. Nope, I have to do something weird as well, just to make it that little bit more entertaining for the home viewers lol.

This picture was taken at one of the information centres at the Naracoorte Caves National Park. Not exactly a “throwback” as it was taken only last Easter, but it was the last holiday my partner and I went on and I thought it kind of fitting seeing as I’m travelling for work right now and Monday next week we’ll be heading to Bali for a week and a half!

So am I telling the whole truth? Is there another story you can make up from this picture? Share it in the comments below!


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