Throwback Thursday, 9 July

Throwback Thursday image, 20150709

This is one of my favourite images that I took of the beach down near my rental property. I bought the unit just over 7 years ago after I split up with my boyfriend at the time. With the market prices being what they were back then, it was almost the same price to rent something as to buy it, so I figured, why not buy it?

The beach in the photo is about a 10 minute walk from the unit and this was actually taken from the top of the cliff, there’s a path you can take to walk down to the beach, it’s an absolute killer to walk back up, it’s so steep!

I loved living in that place though, it gave me a fresh start, and something that was all mine, something I had achieved all on my own, I learnt a lot about myself living in that house and going through the struggles of interest rates going up and barely being able to afford the mortgage repayments. But it all got me to where I am today, so I wouldn’t change anything.

About 18 months ago though, I started moving in with my current boyfriend while we started doing my unit up, and I’ve now been fully living with him for about a year, and my unit has been rented out for about that long too. Now, my boyfriend and I have just bought a house together, not far from my unit and only a little further from the beach.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of Throwback Thursday, with a little bit of current news thrown in! Do you think I told any porkies in this post? Feel free to comment below!

Take care,



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