Friday Favourites, 10 July

Given I’m on holidays at the moment, it’s pretty easy to come up with a few favourites for this week!

I’m on holidays, yaayyy! It’s our first overseas holiday together, which is pretty exciting, and we still have a few days to go.

We rode elephants! At the Safari and Marine Park we had the opportunity to ride an elephant, and we managed to get the naughty one who sprayed everyone with water which was very entertining.

We spent a Night at the Zoo. Well, not a whole night, but an evening. We got to meet the animals, feed them, do a tour, have dinner, see a couple of shows, it was amazing. If you ever go to Bali, I would highly recommend it.

White Water Rafting. We did Class III rapids including going down a waterfall, and if the food was a little iffy, the actual rafting itself was so much fun.

Frankenstein’s Laboratory. As cooky as it sounds, this was a restaurant/bar we visited the other night for a bite to eat. The whole place is themed like halloween, including the drinks which come served in beakers or syringes or even IV bags! It was very cool, they even had live shows and a live band as well. If you’re in Bali, I’d definitely check this place out if you want something different!

Tell me in the comments below, what are your favourites for the week?

Take care,



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