Photo An Hour, 12 July

This is new monthly feature post where I will take a photo an hour so you can basically spend the day with me and see what it is I get up to. I can’t promise it’ll always be thrilling and exciting, but it will be a real glimpse behind the scenes.

Normally I would post this on a Sunday but the hotel WiFi where I’m staying isn’t overly reliable so I wasn’t able to post this last night.

To set the scene, I’m still on holiday in Bali but Sunday was our “rest” day because we’ve spent every other day out and about so we were a bit too buggered to do anything.

7am: just woke up… photo and hour 7am 20150712

8am: time for a cup of tea photo an hour 8am 20150712

9am: enjoying the view from the balcony photo an hour 9am 20150712

10am: and I did some washing…takes nearly 2 days for stuff to dry with the humidity over here photo an hour 10am 20150712

11am: because breakfast and washing are so hard, it’s time for some tv and a nap…

photo an hour 11am 20150712

12pm: sitting on the balconyfor a bit before heading down to do a cooking class

photo an hour 12pm 20150712

1pm: a small group for the cooking class, and we needed to drink lots of alcohol to be able to deal with the brunette on the left. Oh wow what a character she was!

photo an hour 1pm 20150712

2pm: my partner Shane doing some cooking

photo an hour 2pm 20150712

3pm: me doing some cooking while Shane looks on, my cooking skills aren’t that bad I swear lol

photo an hour 3pm 20150712

4pm: reading through the little cookbook I got

photo an hour 4pm 20150712

5pm: sitting down by the pool on the man made beach

photo an hour 5pm 20150712

6pm: yep you guessed it, still being lazy by the pool…

photo an hour 6pm 20150712

7pm: it’s 7pm the sun is just starting to go down and the weather is still wonderfully warm so we went for a swim.

photo an hour 7pm 20150712

8pm: Sun is definitely going down now and all the lights are coming on, and we’re back chilling on the balcony

photo an hour 8pm 20150712

9pm: no dinner for us tonight, just way too full from all the food at the cooking class! This is the last picture of the day, knowing me I’d fall asleep – laying down watching tv just seems to do that to me!

photo an hour 9pm 20150712

I hope you enjoyed this post, tell me in the comments below, what did you get up to today?

Take care,



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