Motivational Monday, 31 August


I think most of us would either work in a team or manage a team of people, and sometimes the hardest thing can be to try and motivate them and inspire them to be the best they can be. Some people may take the stance of “well if I can do it, so can they” and sure they probably can, but how they achieve it is different, and generally someone flashing their successes in your face doesn’t help with your own motivation!

What I have found to work well is to show them how great they are, and build on that each time you give them another task. It will differ depending on the person, where as one might only complete a small task and feel pretty darn great about it, another might carry out a 6 month long project. But that doesn’t mean to that individual person, that the achievement wasn’t something special.

By showing them how amazing they are, I don’t mean that to be a “job well done” followed by a pat on the back, I mean actually showing them, they will continue to be inspired and achieve great things. For example, a staff member created a new report for clients which provided 100 new data points and allowed them to do more in depth analysis, but not only that, managed to automate a lot of it which halved the time it took to generate reports for clients. It’s those kinds of tangible results that show them they are amazing, and that’s the kind of feedback I like providing to my team.

Friday Favourites, 28 August

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great week! I have had a jam packed week with work; we had a conference on for most of the week which has meant late nights with evening functions catching up with clients and other staff from the company.

The conference. Though the conference was for most of the week I only got to sit in on a couple of sessions, the rest of it was working on my normal work and catching up with clients, but what I did sit in on was great, there’s some really amazing stuff that the company is working on and the clients were really intrigued by it.

Seeing clients. It’s not often that I get to see clients face to face, conferences like these are maybe once a year, and we work with some really amazing clients so it’s always great to see them face to face and especially be able to socialise with them and not just talk shop all the time.

50’s themed dinner. Tuesday night in particular was pretty special. The company put on an official conference dinner which was a 50s theme and they really went all out. There was a 50s band with some 50s dancers, a photo booth, a pinball machine, one of those hammer strength test things, even the decorations down to the straws were 50s, it was pretty cool!

Hanging out with work buddies. There are a couple of people I work with that are based overseas, and one in particular that I met in the flesh for the first time this week, and that’s one of the things I really love about these conferences. One of the guys even had his partner come over, so we did a bit of an intimate catch up with partners last night and got to socialise a bit more outside of work which was so great.

Downtime at home. The whole week has been busy and tonight is the first night that I’ve had to just relax at home, as amazing as that has been, it seems equally as amazing to be having a night at home. So I’ve got some chocolate and chips and I’m just going to binge watch TV and not move for a while!

I hope everyone else has had a great week, let me know in the comments below what the highlights of your week were!

Talk soon,


Throwback Thursday, 27 August


It surprises me sometimes how some young people don’t know what old phones looked like, or even that maybe they used to have a cable from the phone to the receiver, or that you used to have to be transferred through an operator. So today for Throwback Thursday I thought I’d have a look at how phones have evolved up until the first mobile phone and then next week I’ll continue that train of thought and take a look at the evolution of mobile phones.

Many people have probably heard of Alexander Graham Bell right, the guy who supposedly invented the telephone? But did he really? Not necessarily. Bell was just the first person to patent the idea of a telephone and so is widely known and associated with the telephone. Between 1854 and 1876 several people had been designing telephones, like Antonio Meucci created a telephone like device, while Johann Philipp Reis actually made a prototype! Yeah yeah, that’s all great, but what did they look like?

1870s – the first telephone looked something like this…hardly even recognisable as a telephone is it?


1880s – this is a Gower Bell telephone, it replaced the Morse Telegraph


1890s – starting to look a bit more recognisable as what we know as a telephone


1900s – a slightly different design but still kinda looks like a telephone


Ok I’m going to skip ahead a bit here before we hit the scroll of death with so many pictures in this post! Let’s see what are the highlights between 1900 and now…

1960s – we had the rotary phone. Who remembers those? It’s a bit before my time but that was one of the first phones I remember using when I was growing up in the 1980s and 1990s.


1970s – so I think this phone was actually on the cusp of the 1970s and 1980s with its fancy push buttons, how cool lol, then shortly after that they morphed into the cordless handsets that we know today…if anyone has house phones these days which I don’t!


1980s – the first mobile phone was released in 1984 and it looks like a giant beast of a thing!


I was going to continue on up until now, 2015 but as I hit the 1980s I realised that there is a huge amount of change in such a short amount of time, especially with the introduction of mobile phones. So I think that already gives me an idea for next week… I’ll take a look at the evolution of mobile phones, stay tuned!

Take care,


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Motivational Monday, 24 August

I have been pole dancing for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it. Actually the reason I go to the gym is so I can get stronger and do more and more pole tricks! Otherwise you probably wouldn’t find me anywhere near a gym. I’ve never really enjoyed “exercising” or “going to the gym”, so when I found pole dancing and it was something that was so much fun and I always felt like I accomplished something, I stuck to it. But now I just happen to be at a point where I’ve built as much strength as I can with just my weight and now need the gym to build on that.

So my motivational post for today is one about the whole stripper stereotype that is sometimes associated with pole dancers. I don’t see so much of it now, but this is my take home message to those guys who make those kinds of innuendos, and ladies, feel free to join me if you want to feel strong and confident in your body’s ability to move!

pole motivational pic

Picture reference:

Friday Favourites, 21 August

Another Friday means another weekend is here which is always something to be happy about. Although sometimes it does feel like the year is slipping by far to quickly! And sometimes that quick passage of time makes it hard to remember all the good things that have happened during a week, but here goes my attempt.

My 30th birthday. Hasn’t happened yet but I’ve started planning it and have already booked a location for it which is pretty exciting. I’ve also sent save the date messages to friends and family to try and gather postal addresses for when I have the invites ready.

Uni work. It has been amazing to have a light workload topic for a change, particularly with everything that has been happening with the house. This week I was able to get everything I needed done on Monday and Tuesday so I’ve been free to relax all week. During the weekend though I’ll do a bit of pre-study for the week ahead but otherwise, I am enjoying only having a small workload.

Sharing the driving. I might have mentioned this one before but with us living so far away from work now, we have started sharing the drive to work which has made it easier to adjust to. It’s a trip that I used to do when I lived around here a couple of years ago, but it’s nice not to have to do all the driving myself!

Sore muscles. Ok so this is a weird one to be happy about I know, but the reason I’m happy about having sore muscles is because it’s a reminder that I beat my personal best for pushups this week. I did 11 proper pushups, woohoo!

Haigh’s Chocolates. It’s Friday night so I’m unwinding with some Haigh’s Chocolatey goodness! Not so great for my figure but damn it’s delicious!

How has your week been? Leave a comment below and let me know what your highlights of the week were.

Talk soon,


Throwback Thursday, 20 August

I’m a bit sore from being at the gym tonight and so it inspired me to look up some old workout videos from the 1980s. Like this one for instance….

I’m sure there are still loads of these kinds of workouts that you can get on DVD, or even if you wanted to look on YouTube like I did, there’s tonnes of them all full length!

It brings back so many memories though that old video. Waking up early on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons, only to find that Mum has hijacked the TV to do her Jane Fonda workout. Not to mention the workout clothes from the 80s! Wowser, high waisted undies over the top of tights, no thank you. Mind you I say that, but then what I wear for pole dancing isn’t much different lol.

The outfits were as colourful then as they can be now, which I personally find the be a good thing. I mean, sometimes when I’m feeling a bit gross anyway because I’m sweating so much, but there’s something about wearing pretty clothes – pretty clothes that you’re meant to get sweat soaked! – that makes a workout a bit easier to do.

Out of curiosity I decided to Google a few pictures to see how gym fashion has changed since the 1980s, and here are some pictures:


1908s fashion image


1990s gym wear image

2000s – Looking almost exactly like what’s worn now

2000s gym wear image


2010s gym wear image

Picture references:





Motivational Monday, 17 August

Well hello, hasn’t it been a heck of a long time since I did a Motivational Monday post! I feel so bad, it’s right at the beginning of the work week and I get so distracted by actually surviving Monday-itis and relaxing for the night that I completely forget to write a post. I’ve set a reminder in my phone, for all of my timed blogs actually, so fingers crossed I keep on top of them now.

In thinking about Monday-itis and how to overcome it, here are some words about it. I don’t speak French so I’m not sure how correct the translation is, but it sure makes Monday sound a whole lot better!

Monday-itis image

Picture reference:

Friday Favourites, 14 August

Oh another week has gone by, I can’t believe we’re about halfway through August! Not just that, but I can’t believe how far we are through the year already… and that much closer to being 30 in three months, boo.

Ok, let’s see what were the highlights of my week.

The orange tree. Our new house has an orange tree, and you should see the oranges that are coming off it at the moment. Oh my gosh, they are an amazing colour and size, and so sweet and delicious! We have too many for us to eat ourselves, so we’ve been sharing them out with friends, family and work buddies.

Working relationships. I don’t mind my work actually, the people and the environment I work in are pretty darn good. This week in particular there have been a couple of standouts, one was a meeting with a colleague where we’ve both been trying to design procedures to help our two teams work towards and end goal, that has been really positive. The other is a couple of clients who, you know you have a good relationship with when they include jokes and funny pictures in their emails, so that has made this week much more enjoyable.

Chai and cake. Normally on Wednesday morning a couple of the girls and I go and grab a coffee/chai and cake to break the week up a little bit and have a chinwag. This week though I had so many meetings I wasn’t able to go, and so the girls brought me back takeaway while I was in a meeting which was really sweet.

A new (sort of) gym. At my old place I was a member of a ladies only gym and so this week I transferred my membership to the city location so that I could go there after work on my way home. The reason for that is because they don’t have a gym near my house. The gym there is quite nice, it is so spacious and they have so much equipment, I just have to hope I don’t get lost trying to find my way around lol.

A new travel routine. Our new house is a bit further away from work (ok a lot further away), so my partner and I have been working out a new travel routine to get us to and from work. I have been driving to work, and then he takes the car to his work, and then at the end of the day, because he finishes later than me, I head to the gym and he picks me up from the gym. We’ve had the first week with this new routine and so far it’s working pretty well. I like travelling together, especially because it’s such a long drive having the company makes it a lot more bearable.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments what the highlights were for you!

Take care,


Throwback Thursday, 13 August

The Americans imageThe Americans is kinda sorta but not really a throwback… It kinda is in that the TV show itself is set back in the 1980s during the Cold War with Russia, and it’s kinda not because well it’s airing on TV right now!

It’s a TV show that I’ve only just started watching, it’s a drama series but also has enough action to keep you interested. It centres around two KGB officers, Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, who are undercover as a normal American married couple with two children. It also has a main focus on an FBI agent named Stan who is working to try and stop the KGB.

I am actually really enjoying this show. I’m not sure how realistic it is in terms of the double lives that the KGB officers are leading or even how the FBI agent deals with his family issues is, but it is fascinating. That the KGB officers, who are not actually married, just faking it, still got down and dirty often enough to have two kids…talk about dedication. But when does it end for them? Do they ever get to “retire” and live out their lives? How would that complicate things with their children? Would they stay in a country they despise just because their kids are American? Or would they reveal all to their children and then skip of home to Russia? But then would the KGB kill them and their kids because they spilled secrets?

Don’t even get me started on the FBI agent on the way he’s treating his wife, that’s just going to blow up in his face and he’ll lose everything he cares about. Or maybe he doesn’t care anymore and that’s why he’s doing it.

Anyway, I’m only on the first season, but so far this period drama has me quite interested and kinda hooked. My only thought though is that so far there doesn’t seem to be a recurring theme for the season, aside from KGB want to destroy America and the FBI want to destroy the KGB officers… well duh, that’s just what the whole show is based on, but normally there’s one big point to a season, and I haven’t found it yet, it just seems to be each episode there’s some sort of plan to kill someone or get information or something, and the FBI or KGB foil it for the other party…and repeat. And yet it still has me watching more!

Friday Favourites, 7 August

Ahhh, another Friday…means another weekend is starting, yay! I moved house last weekend and have been working hard to manage both the start of uni and unpacking the house, and to celebrate this weekend I am going to Miss Pole Dance South Australia to support some of the girls from the studio I go to.

As for the last week, quite a few highlights for me…

Moving house! The house I was living in was very old and rundown so I’m really happy that my partner and I have bought our first house together and it’s a nice older house, but has been updated on the inside and has a nice big shed out the back for my partner and plenty of room for my dog to run around.

Help from the family. Last weekend we had my partner’s Mum and Gran as well as my Dad and Step Mum helping us move furniture, carry boxes and help unpack some things which made my life so much easier.

A long day for my Mum. There was an issue getting our electricity connected a week ago, the power company didn’t tell us someone needed to be there for it to happen, long story short, there are new OH&S regulations making life just that bit more difficult. Anyway, my Mum stayed at our new place on Monday just to wait for the power guy to come around and turn on our power. She was there from about 10am till 7.30pm!

Sleeping in my own bed. I have a waterbed and so one of the first things we did before we moved was drain the waterbed because it takes so long and we need to run a pump to get enough water out that we can carry it, we started doing this a few days before we had to move. So since then we have been sleeping on our spare bed, so it was much to my relief this week that I’ve been able to go back to sleeping on my waterbed.

Lunch with a sort of client. I say sort of client because she was a contact at a uni who is a client of the company I work for, but she left there a couple of weeks ago so she and I, plus a couple of other girls from work all decided to catch up for lunch today which was really lovely and enjoyable.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below what highlights you have to share!

Take care,