Throwback Thursday, 6 August

In the digital day and age where you can chat to people on Facebook from your phone, send emails via your phone, a whole number of things… and very rarely does anyone send letters or messages by mail. My Mum is a sentimental old duck and likes to send cards with messages in them – the latest a congrats on buying our house.

This got me thinking about the number of letters I used to send when I was younger. Did anyone ever have a pen pal? Or does anyone still have a pen pal?

I had a number of pen pals as a kid. I was in the Girl Guides when I was younger and I think I had a pen pal over in the US, but then my other pen pals were actually just other kids I knew. Even one who was just down the street, I’d write her a letter and then walk down and put it in the letterbox.

But it wasn’t just about writing letters, it was about having pretty funky paper, how could you make it more interesting with funny quotes or facts, sometimes sending little gifts like collector cards of some sort. Then of course there were the chain mail letters… Even before they popped up on email I was subject to them by actual mail! The difference was, being a kid I had fun doing them and now it’s just like, ugh…delete!

My parents must have spent a fortune on stamps, I tell you!

Do any of you still send letters to people or are you all electronic? If you do send letters, what do you like about doing that over using email or something?

Take care,



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