Friday Favourites, 7 August

Ahhh, another Friday…means another weekend is starting, yay! I moved house last weekend and have been working hard to manage both the start of uni and unpacking the house, and to celebrate this weekend I am going to Miss Pole Dance South Australia to support some of the girls from the studio I go to.

As for the last week, quite a few highlights for me…

Moving house! The house I was living in was very old and rundown so I’m really happy that my partner and I have bought our first house together and it’s a nice older house, but has been updated on the inside and has a nice big shed out the back for my partner and plenty of room for my dog to run around.

Help from the family. Last weekend we had my partner’s Mum and Gran as well as my Dad and Step Mum helping us move furniture, carry boxes and help unpack some things which made my life so much easier.

A long day for my Mum. There was an issue getting our electricity connected a week ago, the power company didn’t tell us someone needed to be there for it to happen, long story short, there are new OH&S regulations making life just that bit more difficult. Anyway, my Mum stayed at our new place on Monday just to wait for the power guy to come around and turn on our power. She was there from about 10am till 7.30pm!

Sleeping in my own bed. I have a waterbed and so one of the first things we did before we moved was drain the waterbed because it takes so long and we need to run a pump to get enough water out that we can carry it, we started doing this a few days before we had to move. So since then we have been sleeping on our spare bed, so it was much to my relief this week that I’ve been able to go back to sleeping on my waterbed.

Lunch with a sort of client. I say sort of client because she was a contact at a uni who is a client of the company I work for, but she left there a couple of weeks ago so she and I, plus a couple of other girls from work all decided to catch up for lunch today which was really lovely and enjoyable.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below what highlights you have to share!

Take care,




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