Throwback Thursday, 3 September


In last week’s post I looked at the evolution of the phone, or more specifically the ones we used around the home. Then I hit about the time when the mobile phone was invented and wow didn’t phone technology explode then!

So we ended last week with this picture of the first mobile phone which was released in 1984. Can’t see this baby fitting in anyone’s back pocket, can you?!


As I was perusing the internet looking for appropriate mobile phone pictures I found one that sums everything up really neatly, and I thought rather than reinvent the wheel, I would include their infographic on this post instead.

From Bricks to Brains: The Evolution of the Cell Phone
Image source:

See…I told you there was a buttload going on with the evolution of phones over the last 30 years!! I see quite a few models of phones on there that I’ve had over the years, how about you? Any stand out phones on there that you loved or hated?

Enjoy and take care!


Picture reference (mobile growth pic):


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