Friday Favourites, 11 September

It has been a really slow week for me being sick for a few days and all, it has not been nice! I hope you have all managed to have a better week than me.

Morning tea with the girls. This is a regular highlight for me I think, I do enjoy the weekly catch ups we have.

Free Show tickets. The Royal Adelaide Show is on at the moment and my partner and I scored free tickets to go along, probably not until Sunday though.

Back at the gym. I say back at the gym because one week I had the work conference and then I was sick for days, so I yesterday I was feeling better and managed to get in a session which made me feel really good…and my muscles hurt like hell but hey!

Oranges. Our tree at home is still producing oranges so I was able to pick some yummy deliciously sweet oranges for home and also shared a whole lot with work colleagues as well.

Resting on the couch. So I have to say, being sick is exhausting, and then those first couple of days you go back to work are exhausting as well, so I have been really grateful to have not had anything on this week so that I could just focus on getting better.

I hope you all had a good week, let me know what highlights you have to share.

Take care,



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