Photo An Hour, September 2015 – Royal Adelaide Show

Yesterday I had a pretty full on day, I worked on a uni assignment, then I went to my pole class and my partner and I also spend the afternoon at the Royal Adelaide Show. Here are all the pictures I have of the day, sometimes more than one an hour.

10:00am – late start as I had forgotten at first that I was doing a photo an hour today, oops! At this point I’d just gotten out of the shower.


11:00am – putting the finishing touches on my uni assignment before heading to my pole class.


12:00pm – just got off the train and about to step into the pole studio for my class.


1:00pm – finished with the pole class and walking over to the Royal Adelaide Show, yay!


2:00pm – after a wander around it’s time for a quick bite to eat.


3:00pm – having a look through the pets exhibit and far out I had thought most of these snakes and lizards were fake, and then they started moving! It was fascinating watching them all just harmoniously crawl all over each other.


4:00pm – continuing to look around and saw this really amazing little garden with a beautiful outdoor setting and the cutest treehouse…it’s not just kids that get treehouses right? Cos I could totally have that one!


5:00pm – more looking around and we stumbled across a monster truck. Thing is huge, the wheels are almost as tall as me!


6:00pm – then we got to see the monster truck in action, they’re pretty cool. Although I think it would have been a bit more exciting if they had two monster trucks and were racing them.



7:00pm – in between monster trucks were some dog trick shows and a country show, and then at 7:00pm the demolition derby was on, man it must be fun to just get out there and destroy a car just for the hell of it!



8:00pm – fireworks, yaaayyy! This is what you hang out for at the show, and is the reason we were sitting down in the grandstand for a couple of hours, it just gets so packed, so get there early to see some shows and reserve some seats.



9:00pm – finally at home with a chance to take a proper look through the showbags I got. I did the Yellow Brick Road, which I love doing every time I go because it makes you walk around and look at things while you’re trying to find all the freebies. Plus I also go the Spirit State bag which has a whole lot of gym related stuff in it, the Sukin bag which has a range of their products like hand cream, face wash, face cream and more, and finally the Model Co bag which had a few of their products in it as well which I’m excited to try out. Not long after that though, I passed out and went to bed, I was so tired!




I hope you all had an amazing weekend as well, let me know in the comments below what the highlight was for you.

Take care,



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