Throwback Thursday, 24 September – Mix that chemical drink…

Today I wanted to share a picture from my Bali holiday earlier this year. So not much of a throwback but it already seems like a distant memory to me!

This picture was taken at a place in Bali called Frankenstein’s Laboratory, and if you’re ever in Bali I’d definitely recommend going there. It’s like Halloween every night, and all of their food and drinks all have suitably creepy names. And if that wasn’t enough their drinks are served in beakers or test tubes  or syringes or even IV bags, it’s pretty cool!

The cocktail I had was the Spine Tingler, which was one that I got to mix myself! It was big enough for two drinks, my partner had the Dead Finger Iced Tea which was properly made with only a splash of coke, it was so potent and then with our dessert we shared a Chocolate Mudskull.

We did also have food, burger and fries with creepy names like Zombie Burger or Dr Frankenstein. They were tasty but it’s hard to make food look “creepy” – and if it was would you eat it? Well, I suppose we did drink the “creepy” looking drinks so that’s a yes lol!

They also put on shows every night, dancing and what not to Michael Jackson songs like Thriller, that was so good. Cool food and drinks, plus a couple of shows while we were there, it was lots of fun!

Below is a picture of me with my Spine Tingler chemistry set, and of my partner with his Dead Finger Iced Tea – the syringe is the shot of coke that went into it. Oh man it was so good!


Have you found any cool places like this, not just in Bali but elsewhere? Let me know in the comments below!

Take care,



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