Photo An Hour, October 2015 – Just a lazy Sunday

I didn’t really get up to too much today, it was mostly just a day around the house doing some chores, some uni work and of course my pole class. Below are a few pictures from my day.

9am – Woke up a little while ago, still a bit sleepy, haven’t done anything with my hair or makeup yet


10am – Making brunch, well part of it anyway. I was on pancake duty while my partner was out cooking the bacon and eggs on the BBQ.


11am – All ready to head to my pole class. It’s an exotic pole class so I like to add to the sexy feels by doing my makeup.


12pm – So it appears I forgot to take a picture for this hour, whoops! Anyway at 12pm I was just rocking up at the studio to do my pole class.

1pm – Cos I’m not going to be at the class next week which is the last one for the term, I took a video of my instructor doing the routine, and below is a snapshot from the routine.


2pm – Copying some files over to my hard drive. My phone has virtually no storage on it so I need to keep transferring files over to the hard drive pretty much as soon as I’ve taken them.


3pm – Attempting to do some studying while Bathurst is on, to prepare for the week ahead.


4pm – But I fell asleep so I’m still going with the studying. When will there ever be a textbook that doesn’t put me to sleep? Or is it just that my brain gets so full I have to sleep in order to convert it to my longterm memory?


5pm – Late afternoon tea, enjoying an apple and a cup of green tea.


6pm – Trying the studying thing again while watching Falling Skies…like that’s going to end well for my study!


7pm – Putting away the laundry in time for the working week ahead.


8pm – Being a good dog mother and feeding the pooch.


9pm – Signing out for the night. I’ve had a shower and enjoying a home made iced coffee. Probably not the best thing to have before bed, but meh.


I hope you all had a great weekend. If you have anything you’d like to share about your weekend, post it in the comments below!

Take care,



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