Motivational Monday, 30 November – Makeup shopping


Ok so I got a voucher for Mecca for my birthday so yes, I went on a shopping spree! I love makeup, I try not to buy heaps but I just can’t help it, I love the prettiness of it and all the different looks you can create with it.

Throwback Thursday, 26 November – Hot Air Balloon

For my 30th birthday my partner took me on a hot air balloon ride. It was a magical, surreal experience. To be floating through the air in a wicker basket dangling from a balloon…It was really very calm and peaceful. The ride itself was followed up by a champagne breakfast, and the champagne part at least is tradition; after every balloon ride you’re supposed to toast the journey apparently. So for the post this week, I thought I’d take a little look at that history.


When we were ballooning we were told that ever since the first manned flight in 1783 pilots and passengers would toast the balloon ride afterwards as a thanks for a safe journey. Or rather a celebration that they survived the ride! There are also other rumours that champagne was actually carried on board to help calm down any spectators who happened to be around at the landing site and were lets say, not very happy about having a hot air balloon possibly landing on them…


Some other interesting facts about hot air balloons:

  • Hot air balloons as we know them, weren’t actually developed until 1960 when Ed Yost developed a propane burning system and a nylon balloon.
  • In 2005 the record for the highest balloon flight was set, the height was 21,290 metres.
  • The fastest speed of a hot air balloon has been recorded as 394 km/h.
  • The longest journey in a balloon, both in time and distance is 19 days,  21 hours and 55 minutes over a distance of 46,759 km.

That’s pretty darn impressive if you ask me!


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Friday Favourites, 20 November

What a busy week it has been for me this week. I’ve got my 30th birthday party coming up this weekend so I have been frantically trying to get everything finalised for that! But there were still some highlights thrown in there.

A Wedding. Not mine I’m sad to say. My partner’s cousin got married last weekend, it was quite lovely, the food was a bit over the top but it was still a nice venue and beautiful weather.

Family catchup. My partner’s sister came down from Darwin for the wedding so it was really great to see her and be able to catch up with her.

Early birthday present. When the girls and I had our regular Wednesday morning catch up, they gave me my birthday present early which was lovely. There was a voucher for makeup and a voucher for books, two of my favourite things!!

First 121s with my staff. As the new manager I have taken over catching up with the staff in 121s each fortnight and these first ones were really positive experiences, and I found really constructive and gave me a good indication of what direction each of the staff want to take with the team and with their own careers.

Picking up my cake! Tonight I am picking up the cake for my birthday, and I’m super excited to see what it looks like!

How has your week been? Lots of highlights for you I hope!

Take care,


Throwback Thursday, 19 November – Bobby pins

KirbigripsWe all know what bobby pins are, right? The little metal or plastic bits you stick in your hair (sometimes head, ouch!) to hold hair in place? I was curious as to where these originated from and so decided to look it up and came across some other fun facts while I was at it.

Originally called the bobbing pin (but also known as the bobby pin, hair grip or kirby grip), it was created in 1899 by a guy in Paris named Luis Marcus. This invention supposedly coincided with a hairstyle known as the bobbed hair or bob cut style, a style which rapidly gained popularity because of the bobby pins.

Typically bobby pins are tinted to look close to hair colours but of course you can get bejewelled ones, ones with flowers on them, or ribbons, or any number of other things to jazz them up a little bit.

But did you know, bobby pins aren’t just used for holding your hair up or making it pretty with decorations? Check out this list of er, suggested uses:

  • Clean the wax out of your ears (I have to be careful about leaving bobby pins laying around my house as they have been known to disappear into someones ear…)
  • Book marks (I like my books so I probably wouldn’t do this)
  • Lock picks (has anyone tried this? I’m sure I did as a kid for shits and giggles and didn’t get anywhere)
  • As clips to hold food packets together (A good alternative if you don’t have a snap lock bag handy I guess)

Do you use your bobby pins for something other than hairstyling? Let me know in the comments below if you do!

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Motivational Monday, 16 November – Things to do before I turn 30

Seedlings growing in peat moss pots

I turn 30 in one week. I’m terrified. There’s part of me that feels like I should have accomplished so much more by now, particularly in terms of my personal life. I always used to think that by now I’d be married with one or two kids, because you know, 30 is just so old. But now I’m nearly there I couldn’t imagine having kids yet, but even so I do feel that clock ticking saying “maybe you should before your eggs wither and die”.

This got me thinking, what should people accomplish, or know, before they turn 30? You know, aside from a “I’m turning 30, I have to check a dozen things off my bucket list” kind of thing. The internet is rife with suggestions of course, from you should know:

  • how to break up with a man/woman
  • how to fall in love without losing your self
  • what you would and wouldn’t do for money and love

To other things like you should have:

  • have one piece of decent furniture that hasn’t been handed down from family
  • gotten a tattoo
  • shouted the house a round
  • have a resume that isn’t the slightest bit padded

Some of these I can tick off, not sure whether I agree with all of these types of things. Some like falling in love without losing your self, or knowing what you would and wouldn’t do for love and money I think are all about knowing your self and having been on a path of discovery to find out who you really are. I’d like to say yes I know to that one but honestly I think the path to knowing our selves is a life long one and may change with time. Gotten a tattoo on the other hand well I have several but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea are they? Shouted the house a round, hell no, who has that kinda money to waste?

There are always things that I’ve had on my bucket list to do, so if we’re talking in terms of bucket list, these are probably the favourite ones I’ve ticked off:

  • Sky diving
  • V8 supercar racing
  • Overseas holiday (two of them actually)
  • Pole dance holiday (two of those)
  • Buy a house (two of those as well, this seems to be a trend!)

The next one to add is a hot air balloon ride, but that will be coming on my actual birthday.

In terms of soft skills, I don’t really know what to put there. I think things like:

  • Knowing how to be kind – people might think they know how but, for example there was an elderly lady who didn’t know how to use an EFTPOS machine and the cashier instructed her on how to use it but was short, not exactly unpleasant, but not kind and patient either
  • Understanding that everyone is different and stereotypes are shit and worthless and should be ignored.
  • Being able to surrender your heart to someone completely, as scary as it is, but wholly letting them in, and this is where being kind to each other plays a really big part.
  • Love an animal. I love animals in general (god knows how I’m not a vegan), but my dog, gosh she fascinates me, her paws her ears, I just find it so amazing that this sentient being who I cannot even have a conversation with seems as drawn and loving to me as I do to her.
  • Stop and be amazed by the world, there is so much to be amazed by if you just take a moment to really look.
  • Be able to challenge your self and your fears, this will help you grow in ways you could never imagine, and you will find courage you didn’t even know was there.
  • Don’t be afraid of the world, yes scary things are happening all the time and I’m not saying it couldn’t happen here, but I’m also saying, don’t live under a rock.
  • Seize opportunities and make things happen. Some people may seem like things just fall into their laps, but I can guarantee you that doesn’t just happen. If you want something, you need to grab it by the balls and just make it happen. Find the best strategy to get you what you want and just freakin’ do it.

Tell me in the comments below, what are some things that you would recommend someone does or knows before they turn 30?

Take care,


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Friday Favourites, 13 November

Things are starting to settle down this week which is a nice relief, the last couple of weeks have been quite busy. I hope you have all had a great week!

Zoo visit. I went to the zoo with my team from work which was lovely. It was a perfect day and we enjoyed each others’ company.

Deposit for cake. I’m having a custom made cake made for my birthday and not only is everything else for my party coming together, I just paid the deposit for the cake so the girl who’s making it can get ingredients and start working on it.

Morning tea. It has been a while since the two girls in my team and I have been able to catch up for morning tea because one has been on leave and we’ve all be playing a bit of catch up. But it was nice to sit down and see how her holiday was and just have a chin wag.

Lunch with Mum. I had lunch with Mum this week, it was a bit of a celebratory lunch because of my promotion and because she got her first job. Good for her, she’s been out of work for about two years while trying to get her life back on track after breaking down and trying to manager her bipolar.

Lunch plans. One of the guys in my team has organised a lunch with our extended family team because I have taken over managing both his team and another one, with a view to celebrate my promotion and the coming together of the teams. I was really touched by this, it’s a really nice gesture.

Let me know in the comments if you have any highlights you’d like to share.

Take care


Throwback Thursday, 12 November – The Mad Scientist

1017500_10151546113398170_150558799_nIt’s me! Years ago I was doing some external study with Open Universities Australia and one of the topics I was doing happened to be chemistry. At the end of the lab we were playing around, by that I mean we added too much of one chemical to make the fluid turn pink, so that we could take pictures with brightly coloured substances like the one in the picture.

Why? Because this was a novelty. It was the only interaction I ever had with the students…It was two days of an entire semester.

It did make me realise that studying externally wasn’t really making me feel like I was getting value out of doing a science degree. I wasn’t getting that level of interaction with students or teaching staff and wasn’t getting experience working in a laboratory. I ended up taking a year off after that to reassess what I wanted to do with my study. If I should continue doing it, and whether I should just suck it up and do it online or if I should see if I could physically attend university.

Fortunately, Flinders University offers a sort of compromise. Their lectures are available online, which means I don’t need to go into university say three times a week. There are of course lab practicals and tutorials, but for the most part the university provides ones that are outside of work hours, or are close enough to that I only need to leave work half an hour early.

For me this is a perfect fit. I haven’t had to reduce my working hours at all, and I’m able to physically attend those important practicals and tutorials because of the times uni makes them available. Win, win!

Have you had to manage this sort of a juggling act? What compromises have you made for it?

Take care,