Friday Favourites, 13 November

Things are starting to settle down this week which is a nice relief, the last couple of weeks have been quite busy. I hope you have all had a great week!

Zoo visit. I went to the zoo with my team from work which was lovely. It was a perfect day and we enjoyed each others’ company.

Deposit for cake. I’m having a custom made cake made for my birthday and not only is everything else for my party coming together, I just paid the deposit for the cake so the girl who’s making it can get ingredients and start working on it.

Morning tea. It has been a while since the two girls in my team and I have been able to catch up for morning tea because one has been on leave and we’ve all be playing a bit of catch up. But it was nice to sit down and see how her holiday was and just have a chin wag.

Lunch with Mum. I had lunch with Mum this week, it was a bit of a celebratory lunch because of my promotion and because she got her first job. Good for her, she’s been out of work for about two years while trying to get her life back on track after breaking down and trying to manager her bipolar.

Lunch plans. One of the guys in my team has organised a lunch with our extended family team because I have taken over managing both his team and another one, with a view to celebrate my promotion and the coming together of the teams. I was really touched by this, it’s a really nice gesture.

Let me know in the comments if you have any highlights you’d like to share.

Take care


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