Motivational Monday, 16 November – Things to do before I turn 30

Seedlings growing in peat moss pots

I turn 30 in one week. I’m terrified. There’s part of me that feels like I should have accomplished so much more by now, particularly in terms of my personal life. I always used to think that by now I’d be married with one or two kids, because you know, 30 is just so old. But now I’m nearly there I couldn’t imagine having kids yet, but even so I do feel that clock ticking saying “maybe you should before your eggs wither and die”.

This got me thinking, what should people accomplish, or know, before they turn 30? You know, aside from a “I’m turning 30, I have to check a dozen things off my bucket list” kind of thing. The internet is rife with suggestions of course, from you should know:

  • how to break up with a man/woman
  • how to fall in love without losing your self
  • what you would and wouldn’t do for money and love

To other things like you should have:

  • have one piece of decent furniture that hasn’t been handed down from family
  • gotten a tattoo
  • shouted the house a round
  • have a resume that isn’t the slightest bit padded

Some of these I can tick off, not sure whether I agree with all of these types of things. Some like falling in love without losing your self, or knowing what you would and wouldn’t do for love and money I think are all about knowing your self and having been on a path of discovery to find out who you really are. I’d like to say yes I know to that one but honestly I think the path to knowing our selves is a life long one and may change with time. Gotten a tattoo on the other hand well I have several but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea are they? Shouted the house a round, hell no, who has that kinda money to waste?

There are always things that I’ve had on my bucket list to do, so if we’re talking in terms of bucket list, these are probably the favourite ones I’ve ticked off:

  • Sky diving
  • V8 supercar racing
  • Overseas holiday (two of them actually)
  • Pole dance holiday (two of those)
  • Buy a house (two of those as well, this seems to be a trend!)

The next one to add is a hot air balloon ride, but that will be coming on my actual birthday.

In terms of soft skills, I don’t really know what to put there. I think things like:

  • Knowing how to be kind – people might think they know how but, for example there was an elderly lady who didn’t know how to use an EFTPOS machine and the cashier instructed her on how to use it but was short, not exactly unpleasant, but not kind and patient either
  • Understanding that everyone is different and stereotypes are shit and worthless and should be ignored.
  • Being able to surrender your heart to someone completely, as scary as it is, but wholly letting them in, and this is where being kind to each other plays a really big part.
  • Love an animal. I love animals in general (god knows how I’m not a vegan), but my dog, gosh she fascinates me, her paws her ears, I just find it so amazing that this sentient being who I cannot even have a conversation with seems as drawn and loving to me as I do to her.
  • Stop and be amazed by the world, there is so much to be amazed by if you just take a moment to really look.
  • Be able to challenge your self and your fears, this will help you grow in ways you could never imagine, and you will find courage you didn’t even know was there.
  • Don’t be afraid of the world, yes scary things are happening all the time and I’m not saying it couldn’t happen here, but I’m also saying, don’t live under a rock.
  • Seize opportunities and make things happen. Some people may seem like things just fall into their laps, but I can guarantee you that doesn’t just happen. If you want something, you need to grab it by the balls and just make it happen. Find the best strategy to get you what you want and just freakin’ do it.

Tell me in the comments below, what are some things that you would recommend someone does or knows before they turn 30?

Take care,


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