Christmas present shopping

It’ll be here in about three weeks now, and I’m reaching that last pinch to get the last of the Christmas presents I need to get. Not that I have to buy too many, my family and my partner’s tend to do secret santa’s which makes things a lot easier and more affordable.

What am I getting everyone for Christmas you ask? Well hopefully I don’t spoil any surprises for everyone by putting it up here, but nevertheless:

  • Dad – Tickets to the cricket on Australia Day
  • Step-Mum – Christmas bellabox
  • Mum – SuperCheap Automotive voucher plus a custom diary with picture of me, my dog and my partner
  • My grandparents on Dad’s side – Christmas goodies hamper
  • My partner – GPS
  • My partner’s Mum – Custom 2016 calendar with pictures of all the kids
  • My partner’s Dad – A roll of 10c pieces to use with the gum ball machine we got him last year, and a giant Toblerone
  • My partner’s Gran – Custom 2016 calendar with pictures of all the grandkids
  • My partner’s sister – T2 Tea and saucer and teapot set
  • My partner’s other sister – Christmas bellabox
  • Secret santa present for my sister in law (from me) – Pandora stacker ring
  • Secret santa present for my brother (from my partner) – Indoor veggie garden kit
  • Secret santa present for my partners aunty (from me) – Dusk brand rose scented candles
  • Secret santa present for my partners uncle (from my partner) – A couple of nice polo shirts

Ok so that’s a few more presents than I thought there was. I find it hard to think up ideas for presents every year, and sadly my partner is not really much help. He helped me come up with an idea for my Dad’s and his Dad’s present but all the rest of them were all my ideas. Sometimes I wonder how this boy managed on his own, and then I think hmm, his Mum probably did a lot of it for him!

Fortunately I was able to source the majority of presents online so I haven’t had to face the crowds in the shopping centres very much which is wonderful. It all gets a bit crazy this time of year, so online shopping is a definite win for me. Only trouble is you need to know what you want to get well in advance so you know it will arrive in time for Christmas.

How are you going with your Christmas present shopping? Have you got them all yet?

Take care,



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