Adult colouring in

Adult colouring in books seem to be a huge rage at the moment. There are only a few stores you can walk into these days that don’t sell adult colouring books…Like an electronics store maybe.

Anyway, I confess I got into it too. I used to love colouring in when I was younger, I found it calming and almost meditative watching a page become full of colours. So I dug out my old case of Derwent pencils and bought a colouring book called Zen Colouring Patterns: Advanced Art Therapy.

I do enjoy it, there’s some lovely flowing patterns, some intricate ones which take a crap load of concentrating, but I do’t mind it, it does relax the mind somewhat, or at least distracts me from the craziness of everything else going on my head!

I’ve only completed a few pages so far, my hand gets quite cramped after a while so I’m only doing it in short bursts, but here are some pictures.

Have you tried any colouring in books for adults? What do you think?

Take care,



2 thoughts on “Adult colouring in

  1. Hi Jas, these designs are very absorbing to produce too. And there are times when distractions from everyday life are just what’s needed. Happy colouring! 🙂

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