Boxing Day Sales!

Boxing Day Sales are a big thing. Or at least, depending on the store they can be a really big thing and you can pick up some amazing bargains. I remember one year picking up a maxi dress in Forever New for $30 when it was originally $120! Man, I love bargain shopping.

Technically this year Boxing Day was yesterday, but the public holiday isn’t being recognised until Monday so all the shops, and all the people are going mad to get in store for shopping. Of course I was one of them…

I had an idea of where I wanted to go, that was dictated in part by the gift cards I had received, but I also got a little bit of cash, though I knew what that would be going towards.

I went to JB Hi-fi and got an Olympus Tough camera that I could take anywhere, including kayaking, so it doesn’t matter if it gets wet or dropped or anything like that. In fact, it comes with a floating strap so if you drop it in water, it floats! That was $296, down from $399 which is pretty good.

Other than that I had a $100 Myer gift card and a $30 Coles Myer gift card so I went to Myer and bought a Guess tote bag for $99 and a couple of tops that were on sale as well.

I still have an Anaconda gift card, so I need to pop in there, maybe tomorrow. I want to get a waterproof bag and a carabiner extension thingo, not really sure what it’s called, but basically I’ll be using it to hang my drink bottle off the kayak and dangle in the water to keep it cool. One of my friends had these on his kayak and I tried it once and it worked a real treat.

My partner and I also got a Bunnings gift card to get a few things around the house, like cement to go with our new rotary clothes line, and a screen door for the front of the house. Maybe I’ll also indulge in a doggy door as well while we’re there…

Have you indulged in any Boxing Day sales? What did you get?

Take care,



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