I’m still undecided as to whether to set any resolutions for 2016.

Lots of thoughts are going through my head from taking more care of my body in terms of what I’m putting into it and my workouts, to beating this eating disorder. But they are particularly delicate topics that need to be treated with care so they don’t end in a downward spiral. Hence why I’m still working with a psychologist and dietician. But what else is there?

I already go to the gym so at least I won’t be one of those people that runs and joins the gym for 1-2 months as a New Year Resolution and then give it up! I think though I still need to work on making my life outside of the gym more active. Less time on the couch…although there needs to be a balance so I can keep up with blogging…and reading books!

I have the new kayaks which I can take out a bit more, but that really only works for the warm months, but what about winter? Hmm. I have pole dancing as well, and I actually have a pole at home, so there’s some extra activity which is good all year round.

I suppose I could say I want my boyfriend to propose to me, I want to go on an overseas holiday, I’m thinking about going to pole camp, I’m also thinking about going away over Christmas and New Year… But they don’t feel so much like resolutions as whims, ideas and potential plans. They may enrich my life and provide some good memories, but will they improve my health or make me a better person?

What are you resolutions for 2016? Do you have any?

Take care,



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