Two short holidays booked!

I’m a bit excited, I’ve booked a couple of short holidays over the next couple of months, woohoo!

The first one is a weekend trip to Victoria in a couple of weeks to visit a friend of mine who runs mindfulness sessions with her horses. I used to work with her and we always had such great deep and meaningful conversations so I’m looking forward to spending some time with her, meeting her horses and participating in one of her mindfulness sessions as well.

The second trip is an Easter holiday my partner and I are doing to Kangaroo Island. He has never been and I haven’t been since I was about 8 years old. It’s a beautiful location and despite being a small island there is quite a lot to do. We actually went away for Easter last year as well so I’m hoping this will be something that becomes a bit of a tradition for us, so even if we don’t get to do a big overseas trip or something every year or two, at least we do get to have some time away together each year.

Do you have any holidays coming up that you’re looking forward to? Either big or small ones?

Take care



Friday Favourites, 29 January

It has been another eventful week for me, though I haven’t been sleeping very well so am feeling really worn out and have a bit of a crick in my neck but nevertheless have had a great week.

Kayaking with Dad. I had some father/daughter time with my Dad last Saturday and we took the kayaks out for a bit which was nice.


Australia Day. Ok so it was a great day but man it is weird having a day off on a Tuesday, it’s like having a Monday on the actual Monday and another one on Wednesday! But it was a nice day I spent part of the day at the beach with my partner before heading off to the movies with a girlfriend.


Joy. The movie I went to see on Tuesday was Joy with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. It was an alright movie, it was about a woman who faced great odds to turn her dream into a reality, but oh my gosh her family annoyed me and I wanted to throw them out a window!

Monarto Zoo. This wasn’t really a visit, this was a volunteer information session, but the staff made it a bit special for us and we were taken out to the giraffe platform to see them feeding which was lovely. I’ll be going back for an interview in about a week and a half, wish me luck!


Local eatery open again! There’s a lunch bar down the street from work which has been closed for the last few weeks over Christmas and New Year and it only just opened back up today, so I was really excited to be able to go there and get banh mi for lunch today.

I hope you have all had a good week as well, let me know in the comments below what highlights you have to share.

Take care,


Product Review: Goodness: Organic Chia Seed Oil


I received a small bottle of this in the December Goodness Me box, and was quite interested to see what benefits chia seed oil could offer me, whether my skin as this recommends or even applying it to my hair and cuticles.

What is it: It’s the oil that comes from chia seeds when you “squeeze the bejesus outta these little seeds”. Supposedly the oil contains a whole lot of nutrients; omega 3, essential fatty acids, B-vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. The website suggests using it on your face, it can be under moisturiser or make up, or just on its own, and the recommendation is to do this morning and night.

Is it any good: I didn’t like this product. At all. Primary reason, it stank to high hell. To me it almost had a strong fishy smell that lingered on the skin for a good few hours. If you like that smell great, I find it rather awful. It’s supposed to smell nutty and earthy so maybe it’s just my noses interpretation of those smells? The oil and the smell are also supposed to vanish as soon as you put it on, and it most certainly didn’t on my skin, the smell lingered and so did the oily, greasy feeling. To give you an idea I also tried this on a patch of dry skin on my hand (thanks to the work air conditioner) and it did nothing. So then I Googled other uses and saw mention that it can be good for the hair as well, nice and enriching and leaving it feeling soft and silky. I didn’t notice an improvement to my hair either but then my hair has never been dry or anything either.

Value for money: Priceline were selling 20mL bottles of this for $11.99, but are currently out of stock. It seems kinda gimmicky to me so the price is probably ok for something like this.

Recommendation: Pass. Yep, definitely skip over this one if you see it.

Motivational Monday, 25 January – Handstands

I’ve started practising handstands so I can incorporate them into my pole dancing and have some other kind of strength thing to show off in routines. At the moment, this is how I’m feeling…


And I’m like woohoo, legendary!

For those of you who have never thought of handstands for strength training, or even other ways they might be good for you, do a quick Google search on the benefits of inverting your body.


Take care,


Kayaking with Dad

My Dad has never been kayaking before but has been thinking about getting one to take out himself. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to grab mine and take him out to see what he thought of it.

He enjoyed it but because he has a bit of a bad back he’d probably need to get one of those seats you can put in to help support the back a bit more. We’ll see how he’s feeling about it tomorrow when his arms, shoulders and back muscles have been able to catch up with him!

Below are some pictures I took of our trip out, just along the Onkaparinga River.

Product Review: Harvest Box: Health Bombs


I received a snack pack of the Health Bombs in Crazy Cacao in the December Goodness Me box. Going by the card in the box I was lucky to get the Health Bombs rather than the Power Mix, which are like nut and seed mixes which I find utterly boring. So I was quite pleased to get these Health Bombs instead which are like sweet little nuggets of healthy goodness!

What is it: They’re small bitesized balls that are cold pressed, no added ingredient combinations of cacao, chia and cashew, plus dates, whey protein and coconut. A serving of this snack is about 40g and is worth 136 calories, so it’s a really decent size without being too high in energy for a snack.

Is it any good: Oh they are so yummy! They have a sweetness from the dates and the coconut and are a great snack to nibble on and are just filling enough. There are a couple of other flavours of Health Bombs as well that look tasty, Gogo Goji, Berry Bazooka and Banana Smoothie.

Value for money: I have found these for sale on the Coles website for $2.75 per snack pack which is a little on the pricey side for just one snack pack.

Recommendation: They are a relatively new snack I think so not readily available everywhere, apparently you can get them at Coles supermarket but I have yet to spot them. If you can find them I’d definitely try a pack and see what you think!

Friday Favourites, 22 January

It has been a pretty busy week, things are really picking up at work, I’ve had a few work lunches on as well, so there’s lots been happening for me. Oh, and we had a sudden, fleeting storm this afternoon that was quite powerful and the office windows leaked!

Monarto Zoo. I feel like this has been a highlight pretty regularly lately, but I went up last Saturday with a couple of girlfriends because I still had that free entry pass from work, but also have a membership so they shared the free entry pass. It was such a beautiful day, and it was so good seeing everything, especially the giraffes!


Catch up with friends. On Sunday afternoon my partner and I headed over to a friends place and caught up with them and their kids. It was a nice afternoon so my girlfriend and I jumped in the pool and played with the kids.

Lunches! On Wednesday and Thursday I went out to lunch with some work mates I haven’t been able to catch up with for a while which was nice.

Makeup party. I love makeup and one of the ladies I used to work with has decided to become a sales rep for a brand called Younique, so I headed over to her place on Thursday night for a catch up and to check out the makeup as well. Catching up was great and a lot of the makeup was also really amazing.

Early Australia Day. Australia Day isn’t until next Tuesday, but at the office rethought it’d be nice to have a BBQ while we had everyone together which was nice.

How was your week? Are there any highlights you’d like to share?

Take care,