Motivational Monday, 4 January – Be Active

One of my goals for this year is to be more active. Less time on the couch, more time being active in some way like exploring the great outdoors.

Kayaks are a wonderful way to do that, either down a river or the beach. I’m fortunate to live close to both, and in fact the river my partner and I paddled down last weekend runs out to the ocean and provides some beautiful views.

I’ve included a few photos below, and I would encourage all of you to try and be more active this year, especially if it means being outside and seeing what nature has to offer.

I would have taken more but my new camera didn’t have a memory card in it at the time, but I think you get the idea looking at those few pictures.


2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday, 4 January – Be Active

  1. Hi! Just came across your post! By the looks of things I think you’d really enjoy taking a look at some of my content (just started but more to come on living active). Great you’re motivated to get moving! Keep it up and smash those goals!


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