Product Review: Sealand Birk Birch Water


I received a 330mL bottle of the original flavour birch water in the December Goodness Me Box. Honestly, I’m a simple kinda gal when it comes to my water, I don’t really go for flavoured waters or anything like that, preferring to keep it plain. Still I was interested to see what this water would be like, how different it would taste to normal tap or filtered water.

What is it: Birch water is water that is harvested directly from a Birch tree in early spring and contains a buttload of sap which is supposed to be good for you and also makes the water taste a little bit sweeter as well. It is also 100% organic and claims to boost your body and mind as well.

Is it any good: The taste of the water reminds me of cross between honey and maple syrup, and it’s not a subtle flavour either, it’s quite strong. That sweetness being so strong makes it unpalatable for me. I got through half a bottle, with lots of face scrunching and then had to give it up. I shared it with a guy that I work with though and he quite liked it, he didn’t think it was too sweet, he quite enjoyed it. So I think it’s just a matter of personal taste.

Value for money: You can buy this direct from the Sealand Birk website for $44.00 for a pack of 10 330mL bottles which is quite expensive.

Recommendation: It depends what you like in terms of flavour, for instance if I was feeling dehydrated I could easily down a bottle of Powerade, but I wouldn’t be able to down a small bottle of this, it just tastes way sweeter than Powerade, almost sickly. Because of that, personally, I wouldn’t buy this drink.


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