Product Review: Table of Plenty: Lemon and Herb Dukkah


I received a box of the Lemon and Herb Dukkah in the December Goodness Me Box. I don’t mind dukkah, I think there are some really amazing flavours out there, but it’s not something I eat on a regular basis. I had to try this though, so I packed myself a special afternoon tea one day at work with fresh bread, olive oil and the dukkah so that I could try it out. I even sat in an office on my own so that I wasn’t disturbed, how dedicated is that?!

What is it: Dukkah is a blend of seeds and nuts with some spices thrown in. It’s a traditional North African food and can be great just with fresh bread and olive oil, or you could use it on fish or in a salad, or almost anything really. This particular dukkah’s base is almonds and it uses Australian lemons plus a combination of herbs and spices such as coriander, basil and sumac for flavouring.

Is it any good: It wasn’t too bad. The reason I tried it with just bread and olive oil was so that I could get a strong idea of the flavour of it. It’s pretty subtle though and I could only really taste a hint of the lemon and herbs in it. I would have preferred something a bit stronger so you get a real flavour hit, but if you were just using this as say an appetiser before a main meal it would probably work well. That subtle flavour would be just enough so that guests didn’t feel the need to gobble it all up and not have room for the rest of the meals!

Value for money: Table of Plenty sell this on their website for $3.50 which isn’t bad for something that can be used at a dinner party. For every day cooking though, I would stick with my normal array of seasonings which would be more cost effective.

Recommendation: Worth a shot if you’re looking for something with a soft flavour for a dinner party.


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