Product Review: Oxfam Green and English Breakfast Teas


I received two tea bags of each the Green and the English Breakfast teas in the December Goodness Me Box. I love tea so this was right up my alley. Whether it’s teas like English Breakfast, or Afternoon, or Darjeeling, anything like that I enjoy drinking, plus herbal teas like Green tea and other varieties like those T2 sell, so I was a bit excited to be able to try a couple of different ones from a brand that is new to me.

What is it: It is tea, and in a bag which makes it a bit easier. If you want to get technical, green tea should only be placed in water ranging from about 60 to 90 degrees Celsius, and steeped any time between 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes, all depending on the type of tea. I’m not that technical so I just boil the kettle and sit the tea bag in for a couple of minutes before removing.

With the green tea, some like to put a bit of honey in to sweeten it, but I don’t feel the need to. The English Breakfast on the other hand I’ll use a spoon of sweetener and a dash of milk.

Is it any good: I wasn’t really sold on the flavours of these teas. The green tea had a slight bitter after taste which made it a bit hard to get through but the flavour was otherwise ok. The breakfast tea though wasn’t really very nice. Instead of having a rich bodied flavour, the tea flavour was taken over by the bitterness of it and I had to use twice as much sweetener to be able to drink a cup.

Value for money: Oxfam have a huge range of tea available on their website, the Green and English Breakfast teas in particular you can pick up for $4.95 for 50 tea bags which is not a bad price for a fair trade product.

Recommendation: If you want to support fair trade then this would be an option, but if you’re a tea lover you might find it a bit hard to do as the flavour isn’t as great as some other brands.


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