Product Review: Food for Health: Vanilla Blueberry Bar


I received one of these muesli bars in the December Goodness Me box. Muesli bars aren’t typically something that interest me as a snack, when they’re tasty ones I find that they can be quite calorie dense without being satisfying, and when they’re the healthy kind, they’re just bland..and still unsatisfying.

What is it: It’s a muesli bar, a healthy one though. So it is gluten free, no added sugar and also low in fructose, it also contains superfoods, teff and quinoa for protein, so it’s everything you could want for a healthy muesli bar.

Is it any good: It’s ok. I’m not particularly a muesli bar fan anyway, so me saying it’s ok, well if you like muesli bars you’ll probably like this one. I had expected for a healthy muesli bar it would be bland and gritty from seeds and what not, but this one had just enough blueberry bits dotted throughout it to give it a bit of sweetness. It was maybe a little “stick in the teeth” sort of thing because of all those small seeds like chia, and I’m guessing it was the rice syrup that helped it stick there. But overall, yeah it was ok for a muesli bar!

Value for money: The Aussie Health website are selling a 6 pack for $7.95 which is quite pricey, you could pick up like a 12 pack of Coles muesli bars for about that price, but then they wouldn’t be anywhere near so healthy!

Recommendation: If you are a health nut or want to encourage your kids to be a health nut, and have the budget for it, then it might be worth trying this product out as a healthy alternative.


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