Friday Favourites, 22 January

It has been a pretty busy week, things are really picking up at work, I’ve had a few work lunches on as well, so there’s lots been happening for me. Oh, and we had a sudden, fleeting storm this afternoon that was quite powerful and the office windows leaked!

Monarto Zoo. I feel like this has been a highlight pretty regularly lately, but I went up last Saturday with a couple of girlfriends because I still had that free entry pass from work, but also have a membership so they shared the free entry pass. It was such a beautiful day, and it was so good seeing everything, especially the giraffes!


Catch up with friends. On Sunday afternoon my partner and I headed over to a friends place and caught up with them and their kids. It was a nice afternoon so my girlfriend and I jumped in the pool and played with the kids.

Lunches! On Wednesday and Thursday I went out to lunch with some work mates I haven’t been able to catch up with for a while which was nice.

Makeup party. I love makeup and one of the ladies I used to work with has decided to become a sales rep for a brand called Younique, so I headed over to her place on Thursday night for a catch up and to check out the makeup as well. Catching up was great and a lot of the makeup was also really amazing.

Early Australia Day. Australia Day isn’t until next Tuesday, but at the office rethought it’d be nice to have a BBQ while we had everyone together which was nice.

How was your week? Are there any highlights you’d like to share?

Take care,


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