Product Review: Goodness: Organic Chia Seed Oil


I received a small bottle of this in the December Goodness Me box, and was quite interested to see what benefits chia seed oil could offer me, whether my skin as this recommends or even applying it to my hair and cuticles.

What is it: It’s the oil that comes from chia seeds when you “squeeze the bejesus outta these little seeds”. Supposedly the oil contains a whole lot of nutrients; omega 3, essential fatty acids, B-vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. The website suggests using it on your face, it can be under moisturiser or make up, or just on its own, and the recommendation is to do this morning and night.

Is it any good: I didn’t like this product. At all. Primary reason, it stank to high hell. To me it almost had a strong fishy smell that lingered on the skin for a good few hours. If you like that smell great, I find it rather awful. It’s supposed to smell nutty and earthy so maybe it’s just my noses interpretation of those smells? The oil and the smell are also supposed to vanish as soon as you put it on, and it most certainly didn’t on my skin, the smell lingered and so did the oily, greasy feeling. To give you an idea I also tried this on a patch of dry skin on my hand (thanks to the work air conditioner) and it did nothing. So then I Googled other uses and saw mention that it can be good for the hair as well, nice and enriching and leaving it feeling soft and silky. I didn’t notice an improvement to my hair either but then my hair has never been dry or anything either.

Value for money: Priceline were selling 20mL bottles of this for $11.99, but are currently out of stock. It seems kinda gimmicky to me so the price is probably ok for something like this.

Recommendation: Pass. Yep, definitely skip over this one if you see it.

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