Product Review: Food for Health: Vanilla Blueberry Bar


I received one of these muesli bars in the December Goodness Me box. Muesli bars aren’t typically something that interest me as a snack, when they’re tasty ones I find that they can be quite calorie dense without being satisfying, and when they’re the healthy kind, they’re just bland..and still unsatisfying.

What is it: It’s a muesli bar, a healthy one though. So it is gluten free, no added sugar and also low in fructose, it also contains superfoods, teff and quinoa for protein, so it’s everything you could want for a healthy muesli bar.

Is it any good: It’s ok. I’m not particularly a muesli bar fan anyway, so me saying it’s ok, well if you like muesli bars you’ll probably like this one. I had expected for a healthy muesli bar it would be bland and gritty from seeds and what not, but this one had just enough blueberry bits dotted throughout it to give it a bit of sweetness. It was maybe a little “stick in the teeth” sort of thing because of all those small seeds like chia, and I’m guessing it was the rice syrup that helped it stick there. But overall, yeah it was ok for a muesli bar!

Value for money: The Aussie Health website are selling a 6 pack for $7.95 which is quite pricey, you could pick up like a 12 pack of Coles muesli bars for about that price, but then they wouldn’t be anywhere near so healthy!

Recommendation: If you are a health nut or want to encourage your kids to be a health nut, and have the budget for it, then it might be worth trying this product out as a healthy alternative.

Product Review: Morlife: Choc Coated Goji Berries


I received a sample sachet of this snack treat in the December Goodness Me Box. I’m always on the hunt for healthy snacks that are substantial, filling and tasty. Plus I’ve never tried goji berries before, so I was really looking forward to this one.

What is it: Goji berries covered in decadent dark chocolate is what it is, yum! The idea behind Morlife creating this was to have a nutrient dense snack that was still super tasty. As a bonus this snack is also gluten free, it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives, so is totally guilt free.

Is it any good: Oh my gosh, I loved this snack, it was absolutely delicious. There’s the sweetness from the chocolate, and the goji berries which was like a sweet berry crossed with sultana type flavour. The aftertaste was a bit like an ovaltine, so overall it was a lovely sweet treat.

Value for money: You can buy packets of this directly from the Morlife website for $7.95 for a 150g packet, though I think I’ve seen them in Coles for about a dollar cheaper. Keep in mind the suggested serving size is 10g, but you could bump that up to 30g and still keep it under 150 calories, so overall it’s not a bad price really.

Recommendation: If you’re a sweet tooth like me and looking for a healthy snack alternative which is still sweet and you can have a decent size of without ingesting too many calories, then I would definitely try this out.

Motivational Monday, 18 January – Children


I don’t have kids, but many of my friends do. The thing that I’ve noticed the most strongly, of all these children I know, is that it’s not the kids who have the most toys that seem to be the happiest.

The ones with heaps of toys I’ve found I don’t want to be around because they are spoilt brats who chuck tanties when they don’t get their way.

The other kids I know who spend their time playing with siblings, exploring the backyard with them or splashing around in the pool with their parents, they’re the ones who seem the happiest. Not when playing with toys, but when they’re with people and having fun with people, that’s when I see them smile and giggle the most.

I wonder what all these children will remember as the highlights of their childhood, when did they have the most fun? Would it be when they were playing with one of the huge number of toys they had? Or maybe when they’re playing in the pool or at the beach making sandcastles with their parents and friends?

None of the highlights from my childhood have anything to do with toys, they’re all to do with spending time with those people close to me. I suppose that’s something for me to keep in mind for when I do decide to have children. Maybe it’s not about the toys, it’s about the people that make it special.

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Product Review: Oxfam Green and English Breakfast Teas


I received two tea bags of each the Green and the English Breakfast teas in the December Goodness Me Box. I love tea so this was right up my alley. Whether it’s teas like English Breakfast, or Afternoon, or Darjeeling, anything like that I enjoy drinking, plus herbal teas like Green tea and other varieties like those T2 sell, so I was a bit excited to be able to try a couple of different ones from a brand that is new to me.

What is it: It is tea, and in a bag which makes it a bit easier. If you want to get technical, green tea should only be placed in water ranging from about 60 to 90 degrees Celsius, and steeped any time between 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes, all depending on the type of tea. I’m not that technical so I just boil the kettle and sit the tea bag in for a couple of minutes before removing.

With the green tea, some like to put a bit of honey in to sweeten it, but I don’t feel the need to. The English Breakfast on the other hand I’ll use a spoon of sweetener and a dash of milk.

Is it any good: I wasn’t really sold on the flavours of these teas. The green tea had a slight bitter after taste which made it a bit hard to get through but the flavour was otherwise ok. The breakfast tea though wasn’t really very nice. Instead of having a rich bodied flavour, the tea flavour was taken over by the bitterness of it and I had to use twice as much sweetener to be able to drink a cup.

Value for money: Oxfam have a huge range of tea available on their website, the Green and English Breakfast teas in particular you can pick up for $4.95 for 50 tea bags which is not a bad price for a fair trade product.

Recommendation: If you want to support fair trade then this would be an option, but if you’re a tea lover you might find it a bit hard to do as the flavour isn’t as great as some other brands.

Friday Favourites, 15 January

Another week into 2016 already, can you believe it? I hope you have all had a great week, mine has been largely uneventful and yet still really tiring.

Bulk cooking. I don’t know why this is a highlight because I don’t really like cooking that much, but I am pleased that I spent some time on Sunday whipping up a few meals for us to have during the week. I’ve done this a couple of weeks now and am finding it is so much easier coming home at night and just being able to grab a good, healthy meal out of the freezer rather than having to cook.

Beach time! Best part about summer of course is being able to soak up those lovely warm rays. Last Sunday I spent some time at the beach with a couple of girlfriends and it was so nice, relaxing and refreshing.


New wax. Ok this might be a bit of a weird one, but I started seeing a different beauty therapist and she uses a different kinda wax on my lady bits and it is sooo much better than what I had used on me before!

Dietician. I saw my dietician yesterday and she says that I’m doing well in her opinion, I’m starting to work out what works for me in terms of my eating and what will help me control it, so that was a really positive catch up.

Potential work trip. I found out this week that I might be headed over to Sydney for a work trip at the end of August for a conference which, if happens will be great as I might be able to sneak in a catch up with my brother while I’m there, so keep your fingers crossed!

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below what highlights you have to share.

Take care,


Product Review: Table of Plenty: Lemon and Herb Dukkah


I received a box of the Lemon and Herb Dukkah in the December Goodness Me Box. I don’t mind dukkah, I think there are some really amazing flavours out there, but it’s not something I eat on a regular basis. I had to try this though, so I packed myself a special afternoon tea one day at work with fresh bread, olive oil and the dukkah so that I could try it out. I even sat in an office on my own so that I wasn’t disturbed, how dedicated is that?!

What is it: Dukkah is a blend of seeds and nuts with some spices thrown in. It’s a traditional North African food and can be great just with fresh bread and olive oil, or you could use it on fish or in a salad, or almost anything really. This particular dukkah’s base is almonds and it uses Australian lemons plus a combination of herbs and spices such as coriander, basil and sumac for flavouring.

Is it any good: It wasn’t too bad. The reason I tried it with just bread and olive oil was so that I could get a strong idea of the flavour of it. It’s pretty subtle though and I could only really taste a hint of the lemon and herbs in it. I would have preferred something a bit stronger so you get a real flavour hit, but if you were just using this as say an appetiser before a main meal it would probably work well. That subtle flavour would be just enough so that guests didn’t feel the need to gobble it all up and not have room for the rest of the meals!

Value for money: Table of Plenty sell this on their website for $3.50 which isn’t bad for something that can be used at a dinner party. For every day cooking though, I would stick with my normal array of seasonings which would be more cost effective.

Recommendation: Worth a shot if you’re looking for something with a soft flavour for a dinner party.

Motivational Monday, 11 January – Mondayitis


Mondayitis is totally a thing… after a beautiful day yesterday relaxing in the sun at the beach, and now today, being at work and it being overcast and raining, is just kind of miserable!

Are you also suffering from Mondayitis today? What tips and tricks do you have to help recover from it?

I am thinking, do something that makes you happy. Or maybe several things. Listen to music, watch a funny TV show or movie, (if it was sunny) go down to the beach, sunbathe, go kayaking, shopping is can be fun if you have some spare cash. Any other suggestions?

Take care,


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