Motivational Monday – Love is a Garden

Love is like a garden; you need to tend it with care each day to keep it alive.


I’ve no idea where I heard this quote but it is so true. Recently my partner and I have been having a few issues, I won’t go into detail, but it occurred to me that we really hadn’t been tending our love garden as well as we had in the past. We’re working at it now and have a plan for how we’ll keep it going and it’ll take commitment from both of us but that’s exactly what a relationship is, a commitment to keep tending each other and making it work.

For me, well for both of us, I think part of the challenge has been that we were alone for so long, and even in our relationship we have freedom to keep being individuals and doing our own thing; we don’t feel a need to spend all our waking time together. I think that individuality, though something we treasure, became a little too extreme and we did virtually nothing together for weeks and weeks, no dates, very little intimacy and so it resulted in us being more or less like WTF with each other. Now though we’re a little more aware of the impact that individuality has on our relationship and are proactively doing things like booking in dates and blocking out time to spend alone together, and not just watching TV in the same room, but actually being together. And doing this proactively rather than waiting for the weekend to roll around and realising that we have no time with each other because we didn’t plan it.

We definitely need to keep this phrase in mind, and not just a stop in with our partners to say that you love them, but quality love garden time.

My Victorian Getaway

I have been absent from blogging for over a week now, not for no reason but because I desperately needed time to think and work out what it is I actually want and need to be doing here. Not just with this blog, but with many other parts of my life as well. Let me tell you how this all came about…

On Saturday 13th February I headed over to Victoria for a short getaway. I was staying with a friend who I used to work with, and she has been studying many forms of healing, mostly spiritual in nature. I guess you would call her an esoteric healer.


The reason I chose to go over to stay with her at that time was because on the Sunday she was doing a Horse to Heart Mindfulness session. This is a mindfulness and meditation session where she uses her horses as kind of like a grounding force, the are big animals, they are calm, and they also have massive heart space so if you’re like me and feel a bit heavy hearted and want to lean on someone, you can just lean on the horse and let it out. Which is exactly what I did.


This was then followed by a spiritual healing session on the Monday morning before I left. I have always been curious about this and open to the idea that maybe there is something more out there, or scientifically maybe it’s just some kind of psychology behind meditation and music. Whatever you want to believe, it was an extremely powerful session for me.

The question I held in my mind was “Am I on the right path?” There were a couple of streams behind that; my relationship with my mother, my relationship with my partner, work and study and volunteering, blogging. In my mind I had these visions of different aspects of my life for example, my mother, every time she came near I was filled with a blackness that came from her and envisaged myself pushing this blackness back to her so as not to consume myself. There were many other things that I saw and felt during the healing and it brought up things that I honestly didn’t even know were bothering me, and I am still feeling the repercussions of those now a week later.


With my blogging, I actually have three blogs all about totally different things and I realised that although I love blogging I was making it more about getting those likes and comments and stuff, and less about me and expressing myself. I found that I was blogging up to 3-4 times a day across all these different blogs and would get really stressed if I wasn’t able to do it. So I realised that I needed to take it back down to a level where I still enjoyed it and it was about expressing myself and sharing how I feel about things with, well, whoever the hell wants to read my blog.

So I am in struggle town at the moment, sorting through all of this, though thankfully haven’t gone back into my binge-eating habits which is a win. But I do feel that come what may, the changes I need to make, it fills me with light so I know I will be ok.


This kind of spiritual healing I know isn’t for everyone. I had some incredibly powerful visions while I was doing it and felt like I’d run a marathon afterwards. If you have an open mind and feel like there are things that are unresolved or buried and you need help working through them, then maybe interview a couple of healers and see if you meet any that you have a connection or feel comfortable with, and try it out.

Friday Favourites, 12 February

It has been an insanely busy week for me and I feel completely exhausted, but am really looking forward to going over to Victoria this weekend to catch up with a friend and participate in one of the mindfulness sessions she does with her horses! Reflecting on this week though there were a few highlights that I can share.

Facial. Last Saturday I went to Temple Day Spa and had an aromatherapy facial. Not for any reason in particular but just because it had been a while since I pampered myself so I thought hey why not?

Markets. On Saturday night there was a small market held at the local sports and recreation centre and my partner and I headed over to check it out and see what was on sale. One of my partner’s friends like chilli’s, and not just any chilli’s but super hot ones, and we found some of those and bought a jar of cooking paste for him for his birthday. I also bought a cute little plant for my office at work and then just a couple of food samples like biscuits and rocky road.

Volunteer interview. On Tuesday I drove up to Monarto Zoo and had an interview with the Volunteer Coordinators up there, and I left feeling like it had gone really well, like I had been able to build a good rapport with them while I was there.

Acceptance! On Wednesday afternoon I found out that I was accepted as a volunteer at Monarto Zoo, yay! I am so super excited, I can’t wait to get started.

That’s about all from me, let me know in the comments below if you have any highlights you’d like to share from this week.

Take care,


I’m going to be a volunteer!


On Tuesday I had an interview with Zoos SA for a volunteer position with Monarto Zoo. I’m happy to say that I have been accepted, woohoo!

What this means is I have to do a day of orientation and basic training, and then three days of specific training with the group I’ll be working with which is the Mallee Minders. Basically the Mallee Minders look after the zoo land, so it could be anything from a spot of gardening, building paths or helping with fire breaks, anything that helps maintain the land of the zoo.

There will be a second round of training from about July this year where I’m also hoping to do training as a Platform Host which means you go out on the platforms and just talk to people, answer any questions they may have about the zoo or the animals in them. I like the people interaction of that role, but also the fact that it’s not a Tour Guide position which means you’re not repeating the same script over and over again.

Do you do any volunteer work? Let me know in the comments below how you find the volunteer work you do!

Take care,


Motivational Monday, 8 February – Meditation


I did my first proper meditation session the other day, it was a guided one with a teacher talking us through it, so not an app or anything like that. We were sitting out in the park, it was a lovely warm day, the birds were calling, and we meditated for about 15 minutes.

Oh it was wonderful. The sense of calm and peace that I felt afterwards was amazing, I felt so centred and just really good. If you have never tried it before then I recommend you definitely try it, it will surprise you.

Friday Favourites, 5 February

Ahh first week of February, where did you go? It was a steadily busy week, but an enjoyable one though. I’m a day late doing this post because I was out with a couple of girlfriends last night and didn’t get home until really late.

Booked holidays! Last weekend I booked two holidays, a quick trip to Melbourne to visit a friend which is next weekend, yay! And then another one to Kangaroo Island over Easter.

Grandparents. Last Sunday I stopped in to visit my grandparents because my grandpa often drives the bus for some school kids when they take them over to Kangaroo Island and so, because we’ve booked an Easter Holiday there, I popped over to see them and talk to him about good things to do over there.

Meditation. One of the things I done with my teams is get them to organise some kind of team bonding, so each quarter on person will organise something, and it can be as short as 20-30 minutes or up to 3 hours. One of my teams decided to do meditation, so we spent an hour on Monday taking a stroll to the park, talking about meditation and then doing a meditation session, and it was really good. I felt so calm and relaxed as well.

Drumming. My other team organised drumming in the park. One of the guys has a few Djembe drums, and another that I can’t remember the name of. So we sat around, we learned three sounds to make with the drums and then we slowly put some of that together to make music. It was lots of fun, a bit challenging but just challenging enough that it kept me really entertained.

Dinner with the girls. Last night a couple of girlfriends and I went down to one of the local Community Clubs for a meal which wasn’t to bad. It was fun catching up with the girls as always and the club did a raffle draw as well, not that I win anything but one of the girls did which was nice.

How was your week this week? Are there any highlights you’d like to share?

Take care,


Product Review: The Chia Co: Chia Seeds


I received a couple of sachets of chia seeds in the December Goodness Me box. I think we’ve established by now that I really enjoy being able to eat healthy foods when they’re in a delicious snack. The chia seeds as a standalone product, I have to admit I was at a bit of a loss with what to do with these.

What is it: Chia seeds! And more chia seeds, and a few more… That’s all there is to it. So chia seeds are loaded with lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so are quite healthy for you. The recommendation is to just add the chia seeds to foods such as cereal or yoghurt or salads and include them in your diet that way.

Is it any good: I tried it with my cereal and don’t really rate it, especially not if you’re having Sultana Bran or Cornflakes, the chia seeds almost turn it into like a gritty sludge and they kinda get stuck in your teeth. I didn’t find anything amazing happened to my body or my energy levels or anything like that when I had it so sure it might be one of those healthy foods but with just a couple of sachets it’s hard to feel the benefits.

I did manage to get my hands on an extra couple of samples so if anyone else has any ideas I’d love to hear what meals or even snacks you’ve made that you have included these in. I am thinking hiding them in something like spaghetti bolognese, maybe the cooking will soften them up a bit?

Value for money: Catch of the Day are selling at 500g bag of these for $16.99 which, when you think of what it is doesn’t sound too bad but it would make me think twice about investing in it.

Recommendation: If you can pick up some samples see if you can find a way to include it in your diet and let me know if you noticed any difference with your body. Personally I probably wouldn’t purchase this, not at the price that it is.

Motivational Monday, 1 February – Storms


There have been a few of these recently. Actual storms in the last week that even managed to flood the office! And of course other personal storms that have to do with my mother.

Without going into detail let me just say that we have always had a strained relationship which became even more strained a couple of years ago when she had a mental break, tried to commit suicide and was hospitalised. It was an incredibly hard time, but I learnt so much, about her, about me and I think it has changed me. It has taught me so much about boundaries in particular, some of which I need to be better about putting up, and some I need to let down a little. It has taught me about my own view of myself and my eating disorder, my relationships with other people and especially my relationship with my mother.

So yes, there have been many, many storms for me over the course of my life, and I know without a doubt that each of those has changed me in some way. For the better I hope and sometimes I think it is better, after all I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for all of those storms.

Take care,


Product Review: Kookas Natural: Oat Coconut


I received a sample of this product in the December Goodness Me box. It’s another sweet treat which gets me excited, I like combining healthy and yummy so was looking forward to trying this.

What is it: They’re cookies, om nom nom! They’re about the size of an Aussie 50c piece, so only small but they’re 100% natural, and these ones in particular are a healthy version of the Anzac biscuit, so it’s full of coconut, oat, cinnamon, even sultanas. They do contain gluten, nuts and sulphates though.

Is it any good: You know I’m one of those fortunate ones; gluten, nuts and sulphates don’t bother me so these treats are fine for me to snack on. They were quite flavoursome and moist, not so much like a cookie, almost like a cake crossed with a cookie. Reminds me of Jaffa Cakes…sort of.

I will say this though, the calorie content in these little buggers in enormous. Just one of them is a serving size…and they’re the size of a 50c piece. Given that, these aren’t a snack that would keep me satiated for very long, or make me feel like I’ve been able to really indulge because it’s just too darn small.

Value for money: Kookas sell packets of these on their website for $11.95 for a 150gm packet. To me this is really quite expensive, but I guess when you think about cost per serving size maybe it isn’t so bad? If you don’t mind small serves?

Recommendation: I’m conflicted, I thought these were really yummy, but I just can’t get past that serving size. I would want to eat a whole lot more of them before I felt satisfied, so for me I wouldn’t bother, there are so many other options out there. But if you don’t mind a small serving size then for sure, try these out.