Motivational Monday, 1 February – Storms


There have been a few of these recently. Actual storms in the last week that even managed to flood the office! And of course other personal storms that have to do with my mother.

Without going into detail let me just say that we have always had a strained relationship which became even more strained a couple of years ago when she had a mental break, tried to commit suicide and was hospitalised. It was an incredibly hard time, but I learnt so much, about her, about me and I think it has changed me. It has taught me so much about boundaries in particular, some of which I need to be better about putting up, and some I need to let down a little. It has taught me about my own view of myself and my eating disorder, my relationships with other people and especially my relationship with my mother.

So yes, there have been many, many storms for me over the course of my life, and I know without a doubt that each of those has changed me in some way. For the better I hope and sometimes I think it is better, after all I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for all of those storms.

Take care,



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