Product Review: Kookas Natural: Oat Coconut


I received a sample of this product in the December Goodness Me box. It’s another sweet treat which gets me excited, I like combining healthy and yummy so was looking forward to trying this.

What is it: They’re cookies, om nom nom! They’re about the size of an Aussie 50c piece, so only small but they’re 100% natural, and these ones in particular are a healthy version of the Anzac biscuit, so it’s full of coconut, oat, cinnamon, even sultanas. They do contain gluten, nuts and sulphates though.

Is it any good: You know I’m one of those fortunate ones; gluten, nuts and sulphates don’t bother me so these treats are fine for me to snack on. They were quite flavoursome and moist, not so much like a cookie, almost like a cake crossed with a cookie. Reminds me of Jaffa Cakes…sort of.

I will say this though, the calorie content in these little buggers in enormous. Just one of them is a serving size…and they’re the size of a 50c piece. Given that, these aren’t a snack that would keep me satiated for very long, or make me feel like I’ve been able to really indulge because it’s just too darn small.

Value for money: Kookas sell packets of these on their website for $11.95 for a 150gm packet. To me this is really quite expensive, but I guess when you think about cost per serving size maybe it isn’t so bad? If you don’t mind small serves?

Recommendation: I’m conflicted, I thought these were really yummy, but I just can’t get past that serving size. I would want to eat a whole lot more of them before I felt satisfied, so for me I wouldn’t bother, there are so many other options out there. But if you don’t mind a small serving size then for sure, try these out.


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