Product Review: The Chia Co: Chia Seeds


I received a couple of sachets of chia seeds in the December Goodness Me box. I think we’ve established by now that I really enjoy being able to eat healthy foods when they’re in a delicious snack. The chia seeds as a standalone product, I have to admit I was at a bit of a loss with what to do with these.

What is it: Chia seeds! And more chia seeds, and a few more… That’s all there is to it. So chia seeds are loaded with lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so are quite healthy for you. The recommendation is to just add the chia seeds to foods such as cereal or yoghurt or salads and include them in your diet that way.

Is it any good: I tried it with my cereal and don’t really rate it, especially not if you’re having Sultana Bran or Cornflakes, the chia seeds almost turn it into like a gritty sludge and they kinda get stuck in your teeth. I didn’t find anything amazing happened to my body or my energy levels or anything like that when I had it so sure it might be one of those healthy foods but with just a couple of sachets it’s hard to feel the benefits.

I did manage to get my hands on an extra couple of samples so if anyone else has any ideas I’d love to hear what meals or even snacks you’ve made that you have included these in. I am thinking hiding them in something like spaghetti bolognese, maybe the cooking will soften them up a bit?

Value for money: Catch of the Day are selling at 500g bag of these for $16.99 which, when you think of what it is doesn’t sound too bad but it would make me think twice about investing in it.

Recommendation: If you can pick up some samples see if you can find a way to include it in your diet and let me know if you noticed any difference with your body. Personally I probably wouldn’t purchase this, not at the price that it is.


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