Sick little pooch

My poor little dog has been sick the last couple of days. On Friday she started getting the runs and in the evening it turned mucusy and bloody and then Saturday morning I couldn’t get her to eat anything or drink any water so we took her straight to the vet and she was admitted to hospital with some kinda doggy gastro thing that’s going around. She was so severely dehydrated we were lucky we took her in when we did. Oh I nearly wanted to cry, my poor little girl.


I got to spend some time with her at the hospital tonight, she’s still got the runs a bit but not as bad as it was, and no blood thankfully. She is eating again as well and seems more like her normal self so is definitely on the mend. Fingers crossed she will be coming home tomorrow!

It has been a really hard weekend I have to admit. Quite emotionally draining from all the worrying I’ve been doing about my dog, but as I keep reminding myself, she is getting better!


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