My Nutrimetics kit has arrived!


I’m so excited, my kit arrived today! Can you believe I got everything in the picture for only $1 upfront?

I did the math and everything you see in the picture would normally be over $400, I feel so spoilt!

If you’re interested in finding out how you can get your own kit, just let me know.

Here’s what’s in my kit:

  • Pink & Black Quilted Kit Bag
  • Nutri-Rich Oil 25mL
  • Nutri-Spa Rejuvenating Hand Scrub
  • Nutri-Spa Intensive Hand Balm
  • nc Lash Impact Mascara
  • nc Fibre Lash Enhancer
  • nc Defining Waterproof Eye Pencil
  • nc Marbleise Eyeshadow
  • nc Lip Lightening Lip Gloss
  • Energise Detoxifying Cleanser
  • Energise Vital Toning Mist
  • Energise Awakening Eye Gel
  • Energise Daily Boost Creme-Gel

Please check out my Nutrimetics website if you’re interested in seeing what other products are available for purchase.

Take care,


How do you judge someone’s personality?

I read an article on LinkedIn which suggests there are eight small things upon which others judge your personality. Here are those eight things:

  1. How you treat waiters and receptionists
  2. How often you check your phone
  3. Repetitive, nervous habits
  4. How long you take to ask questions
  5. Your handshake
  6. Tardiness
  7. Handwriting
  8. Eye contact

I agree with most of the things on this list I have to admit. Except for maybe someone’s handwriting, and that’s more because, who sees anyone’s handwriting anymore? It’s becoming more and more rare, though saying that if I saw a lawyer for instance who drew love hearts over the top of every “i” then I would find it hard to take them seriously.

I would add to that list, getting someone’s name right. My name is Jaslyn, and I have been called everything from Jasmine (understandable confusion), Joslyn, Jessalyn, Catherine, and many others. Sure, my name might be a bit unusual, but I came across someone the other day who still couldn’t get it right after I repeated it, spelled it and wrote it down. This actually was a lawyer, and needless to say I didn’t hire her as it didn’t leave a very good lasting impression; after all if she couldn’t get my name right, what else wouldn’t she get right?

Okay, so let’s explore the suggested list a little bit more.

How you treat waiters and receptionists


Are you a snob? Do you think you’re better than these people? Thence nice and treat them like a human being. They don’t deserve to be treated differently just because you might happen to be a manager and sit further up a corporate tree than them. Thank them, show them common courtesies, ask them how they’re doing. Not doing that, and looking down on them instead or snubbing them, not saying than you to waiters when they refill your water glass or take your dishes away, just makes you look like a jerk in my eyes.

How often you check your phone


Oh my gosh, I cannot stand when people bring phones to meetings, or you go catch up with someone and they won’t stop checking their freaking phones. I mean seriously, are you there to catch up with me or to play with your damn phone? It is so incredibly rude to check your phone when someone is in the middle of talking, it is one of my absolute pet hates.

In meetings, I understand some staff are on call and that is fine, but just bringing your phone in just because… it’s just not on. If you’re expecting an urgent call, then you let the group know, with an apology for bringing the phone in.

If you bring the phone in to a meeting for no reason, or you keep checking it while we’re catching up, you will lose brownie points.

Repetitive, nervous habits


Twirling your hair, picking at your finger nails, knees jumping up and down, nervous babbling. This can give the appearance of being unsettled, nervous, unsure and lacking in confidence. Some people just have those kinds of personalities, and I think we all have them in certain situations. But at work, if I see someone like that it makes me think twice about what tasks I might delegate them because I get a sense of incompetence when they show these traits when doing the basics, I don’t feel confident in getting them to try and do any more.

If you are not sure what your nervous ticks might be, then film yourself for a while, film yourself under pressure and see what it is that you do. One of the girls I pole with worked out the other day that when she’s trying to gear herself up for a hard trick she does three things, adjusts her bottoms, tightens her pony tail and then scratches her nose!

We all do it, the best I can recommend is work out what your nervous ticks are, and be conscious of in what situations they occur and try to avoid doing them.

How long you take to ask questions


Ok so this one isn’t about how long it takes you to formulate a question, but rather, how long you keep jabbering about yourself before you ask the other person a question. These are those people who talk about themselves a lot. While you’re sitting there wondering when this person will just shut the hell up. And if they do ask you a question it tends to only be because they actually want to answer it themselves.

If someone asks you a question, answer it succinctly but follow their body language to gauge their interest. If they continue to ask you questions then by all means keep answering them, but do try and ask them questions as well, at least as many as they’re asking you.

Your handshake


Raise your hand if you hate a limp handshake? What does it tell you about the person? I try not to put too much stock in them anymore as it seems most people either do the dainty half shake or have a limp handshake these days. But I do like it when I find someone who has a strong grip handshake like me, I find it instills a bit more confidence in them. They come across as a strong and confident person to me, whereas sometimes the limp or dainty ones can be a bit like they’re a bit grossed out by even just shaking someone’s hand.

A firm handshake is the way to go!



Do not ever be late!

Unless you have a legitimate reason, tardiness is just not acceptable. It doesn’t show any respect for the person you’re meeting with or catching up with. It makes it seem as though you think it’s perfectly fine to to waste their time, like it’s not as valuable as theirs.

If you are running late for whatever reason, you let them know as soon as you can. And by as soon as you can, I don’t mean, you’re due to meet at 2pm so you text them at 2.05 saying oops I’m running late.



So analysing someone’s handwriting used to be a thing, but in the electronic age I can’t say I get much of a chance to see anyone’s handwriting anymore. If I did see an adult doing love hearts or something everywhere then I’d probably frown and wonder how seriously they took themselves though.

Eye contact


I do have to wonder what is wrong with people who can’t look you in the eye when having a conversation. Sometimes it feels like they’re trying to hide something, and sometimes it just comes across as being nervous and not confident in themselves. And then flip side of that the people who hold your eye for too long, it can feel like they’re either flirting with you or that they’re trying to intimidate you by staring you down.

This is a tricky one, how do you know how much eye contact is enough? I think it depends on who you’re talking to. Your intimate partner you want to be able to look them deep in the eyes and have an open and honest conversation and see that reflected in their eyes. Someone you’ve just met you might hold their eyes for a second, maybe look at their lips as they’re talking, if you stop and think about something, sometimes I’d glance over their shoulder or something so it doesn’t look like I’m frowning at them or glaring or anything.

This can be a really hard one to get right, so if you’re unsure then maybe talk to your family or close friends, or just watch them and see how they interact with others and how they’re received by others. If you’re really concerned I’m sure there are short courses on verbal and non-verbal communication that might help.

Are there any other ways you use to judge people’s personalities? Let me know in the comments below!

Take care,


Being successful

I get automated emails from LinkedIn every now and then which contain links to articles that on the odd occasion seem kind of interesting. Like this one about being successful. I read it and I thought wow there’s some really great suggestions! But then I also felt a little bit skeptical, because how does this person know what successful people do? Has he conducted research? Apparently he didn’t conduct research, but another guy by the name of Kevin Kruse did. But only 200 people. I’m sure there are a heck of a lot successful people  out there so I’m not convinced that 200 means these are accurate representative results.

I wanted to take a look at what’s suggested. Whether or not you’d call me successful I think depends on what your own perception is. I feel that I am successful. I came into my role as a Service Delivery Manager a little over three  and a half years ago with zero experience, one year later I was promoted to Team Leader, above others who had been working there for longer than me. About a year and a half after that I was promoted to Manager of not just that team, but another team as well. So my working methods can’t be doing too badly!

Keep a minute by minute schedule

Apparently successful people don’t go hour by hour during their day but minute by minute. I can almost feel my anxiety swell at the thought of that and I feel pressured already to get, well, nothing done.

Personally I still like to work with blocks of time, but 15-30 minute chunks. My brain whizzes away on a task intensely, and then I stop and go “ahhh” and let that go and come back to it later if I need to.

I also don’t keep a schedule. Well, not really anyway. I know when all my regular meetings are, I have blocks of time in my calendar every week for my set tasks. But my work is so random and is basically answering questions all day that it’s difficult to schedule it out beyond that.

Focus on one thing

This advice is a little ambiguous, it talks about focussing on one task for say 2 hours every morning without a break, and the task you focus on should be geared towards maybe getting you promoted.

I can kind of understand why you would want to do that but can you imagine the brain strain of sitting there for 2 hours without a break? I can’t even read one of my favourite books for that long without needing to take a break and do something else to refresh my mind!

Don’t use to-do lists

I have heard this being wildly contested, there are so many different ways of doing lists, but the recommendation here is to throw them away and instead schedule them in your calendar because according to the article 41% of things on the to-do list don’t get done.

Probably true, but I still love my to-do list. But it’s not the only way I get things done. My to-do list is broken down with things that I need to get done like add performance goals to the HR system for my team. But then I have the reoccurring ones for which I do schedule in my calendar. Then I have other things that I do when I might have 15 minutes spare at the end of the day like maybe a little PD. The combination of methods has worked really well for me. I find if I micromanage my time too much I balk and don’t get anything done, but if I don’t have a to-do list I forget half the crap I’m supposed to do.

Time travel anyone?

God knows how you’d do this one. It starts off with “your future self can’t be trusted”, gee thanks. So what can you do now to ensure that you don’t procrastinate and not get shit done? Maybe refer back to the rest of the list and book yourself a meeting, or you know what Just Freaking Do It!

Another suggestion I’ve heard to beat procrastination is to tackle the hardest task in the morning because by the afternoon your brain is tired and can’t really focus as well as you potentially could. So you run the risk of maybe missing a different solution or making the wrong decision. Make sure the hard stuff gets done in the morning! This actually works really well for me I find.

Dinner time

Always make sure you’re home for dinner. Totally agree with this one. Sometimes there’s the temptation to stay late at work and just get those extra things done but to be honest, you never get that time back, so why do it? Make sure you get the hard or urgent crap done first and everything else can wait. But always, always make sure you have that work/life balance.


The handiest, dandiest things ever. I have an online notebook that syncs with absolutely everything and that’s where I track day to day stuff, but, I also have a paper notepad. I find sometimes when I’m talking to someone on the phone for example it is easier for me to write this in the notebook first as some rubbish scrawl, and then go back after the call and decipher it all and decide how to action it.

Only manage emails a few times a day

Apparently successful people schedule time in their calendar to specifically go through emails, and might only do this a few times a day.

As someone whose whole job revolves around answering emails, this isn’t an option for me. I live on my emails every day. The only time I don’t check them is when I’m in a meeting or doing one of my scheduled tasks, of which there might only be one or two a week. When I’m in a meeting with people I like to give them my full attention, I like to actually listen. I see some of my staff trying to multitask in these and they mishear or misinterpret things from discussions because they weren’t fully focussed on it. So when I see them doing that now I ask them to stop and focus.

Avoid meetings, avoid avoid!

I hate useless meetings. And so many people schedule them which really annoys me. When you sit in the same office as someone, why not just walk over for a chat right then and there? When we have meetings I like to get right to the point, discuss and maybe resolve the issue then and there, or at least have actions. Some people oh my gosh, they just get lost waffling about examples of this or that and the meeting drags on for so long. It can be a real challenge managing those meetings and so I tend to avoid those ones at all costs when I know they’re going to be like that.

What I do really like are coffee and lunch catch ups. I’ve achieved so much by just catching up with someone for a general chit chat, it’s amazing. Because it’s so informal you can build the relationship with the person, build up some of that goodwill and then ask for favours or changes.

Say no to near everything

So many people have an aversion to saying no. The advice here is if it’s not something that makes you go “hell yeah!” don’t do it. That’s a little impractical and I think you’ll probably end up failing at work if you do that, but I agree that people shouldn’t be afraid to say no. Some seem to feel it might make them a bit unpopular if they say no, but if you can justify your reasons then you have a leg to stand on.

Personally, I like to give careful consideration before providing an answer so if I can’t see the benefits of doing something for me or for my team and the company, then I might take it away to think about and then say no. Sometimes though I might say yes depending on who it is because I want to build some goodwill with them that I can use when I need something.

It’s all give and take people. If you say no to everyone, they’ll start saying no to you and then where will you be?

The 80/20 rule

So apparently 80% of results come from 20% of activities. Does that mean I only need to work 20% and still see a buttload of results? Apparently so, as long as those activities are the ones that will really drive success. And then you should ignore everything else. Or maybe you should have said no to it.

I don’t know about you but I’m not suckered in by that. I think you need to be strategic about what you’re going to be doing and find the best possible way to do it (lazy people can be amazing at doing that) so that you can get those wins. But sometimes you need to suck it up and put in a bit of effort to get a massive win and boost your clout that way.

Delegate, delegate, delegate

This can really piss me off. Apparently successful people don’t ask how they can get something done but how it can get done in general and you know maybe find someone else to do it.

Delegation can be appropriate if you need help with something but it needs to be something that you’d be equally as willing to step in and help out. For example, my team do reports every month and we have a QA process. One of my team was away and I could have delegated that work to the other two in my team who were under the pump enough or I could step in and help out. I chose to step in and help out. What I’m saying is, there’s a time and a place for delegation but it shouldn’t be seen as shirking your responsibilities.

Do it the first time

Admittedly when you look at the example they use here I’m really bad. The example is getting a bill, you should pay it then and there not put it down and come back to it. Or in my case, look at it and put it in my work bag to pay a couple of days later when I remember it.

The idea here is that if it’s something simple, say you get an email and it will only take a few minutes to reply, do it then and there. If it’s going to take a bit more looking into circle back to it. This part though I am actually really good at. I’ll check my emails, filter out the crap I don’t need to read or that’s just an FYI, then reply to emails that’ll take only a couple of minutes. If something is going to take longer e.g. adding goals to the HR system and then letting someone know, it goes on my to-do list somewhere and I file the email away to come back to later. Having a clear inbox helps to reduce stress for me I find.

Morning routines

Make sure you start the day with a routine. Whatever it is, a good breakfast, exercising, meditation, make sure every day starts the same and this will get you off to a good start. I find that if I’m following my normal routine the morning just feels so easy but if I haven’t I feel a bit all over the place and like I’ve missed something.


This is a load of crap; you need to start viewing food as fuel for your body, plain and simple. Energy is a big key player to how we feel and how we power for the day, so I can agree we need to be making sure we’re getting enough sleep, water and food, but to the point where you don’t see food as a pleasure but something functional to get by I can’t agree with. Maybe it works for some people but not so for me.

Lots and lots of tips there for being a successful person. I think a lot of them might come down to not only personal preference, but also the kind of job that you have. What works for me as a pencil pusher may not work for a carpenter.

Do you have any methods that you find have really aided your success?

Take care,


Nearly holiday time!

Today is my last day of work for about a week, and I’m excited to be getting some time off to have a short getaway with my partner and then have some time to myself as well.

Things with my partner have been strained recently, and we had a counselling session earlier in the week which was actually really good and eased some of the tension. It also gave us a focus point for our little holiday. I’d been feeling a bit dubious and tense about the whole thing, but now that we’ve been instructed that the focus of the holiday is our friendship, I feel a lot better. Despite everything that might have been going on, we always had a good friendship, could always have a good joke and even talk about random things like how black holes work.

Anyway, we are headed off to Kangaroo Island tomorrow morning, and managed to get a holiday house for the stay, so I’m looking forward to the peace and quiet that will provide. A couple of nights ago we wrote down a bit of an itinerary of what to see and do while we’re there. I’m really looking forward to seeing Remarkable Rocks and Seal Bay, I reckon they might be my highlights!


Apparently phone reception over there for my provider is pretty poor, so it’s entirely likely I won’t be doing any blogging until next week some time thanks to that.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter break!

Take care,


Zoo volunteering update


About a month ago I posted saying I had been accepted as a volunteer up at Monarto Zoo. I was, and still am, super excited about this opportunity, but the last month since being accepted has been both full on while there’s also been not much happening at all!

I attended an Orientation and Basic Training day about three weeks ago where I learnt a bit more about Monarto and Zoos SA, things like OH&S, the expectations of volunteers and that sort of thing. So all very generic, which was fine. We also got a trip around Monarto Zoo so that we could see where we’d be working from, and learn a bit more about the Zoo from behind the scenes. That was really cool.

In the last three weeks since then, I have been put in contact with my trainer for the Mallee Minders so am now trying to work out dates I can do that with work, and after I’ve done that I’ll be fully qualified, yay! I’ve also had to organise a police check which is a pain in the bum but because I’ll be a volunteer with Zoos SA I get it for free which is good. On top of that there is a Volunteers Meeting this Saturday which I’m hoping to go to, but it starts right when the Zoo is opening and I don’t have a pass or anything to get in, so I’m waiting to hear how all of that will work.

It definitely feels like it’s all happening, and I’m pretty pumped. The only other thing I really need to do is go shopping and buy some appropriate pants to wear as a Mallee Minder. They have to be like Hard Yakka pants (or shorts), so I need to work out where the hell I can buy those for ladies as I’ve only ever seen them for sale for the guys.

Are you just starting volunteering anywhere? Or have you been volunteering for a while? What do you enjoy about it?

Take care,


Sick little pooch

My poor little dog has been sick the last couple of days. On Friday she started getting the runs and in the evening it turned mucusy and bloody and then Saturday morning I couldn’t get her to eat anything or drink any water so we took her straight to the vet and she was admitted to hospital with some kinda doggy gastro thing that’s going around. She was so severely dehydrated we were lucky we took her in when we did. Oh I nearly wanted to cry, my poor little girl.


I got to spend some time with her at the hospital tonight, she’s still got the runs a bit but not as bad as it was, and no blood thankfully. She is eating again as well and seems more like her normal self so is definitely on the mend. Fingers crossed she will be coming home tomorrow!

It has been a really hard weekend I have to admit. Quite emotionally draining from all the worrying I’ve been doing about my dog, but as I keep reminding myself, she is getting better!

Exploring how to achieve my “wants”

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, trying to work out what I want to be doing with my life, and I’ve come up with a few ideas which I have been further exploring to do some goal setting to help me achieve them.

Here’s a list of things that I came up with:

  • I’d like to be more active
  • I’d like to be fit
  • I’d like to be good at pole dancing
  • I’d like my eating to be healthier
  • I’d like my house to be neat and tidy
  • I’d like my house to be clean
  • I’d like to be more in touch with my spiritual side

I’ve come up with a brief description of each of these things to help me start building goals around them.

Being more active

The big question is, what kind of active to do I want to be? I’m thinking active things that I find fun, so things like pole dancing, kayaking, walking, visiting the zoo. The next thing I’d need to have a think about is how often I want to do it and how often I actually can do these things.

Being fit

I suppose the thing with this is really what my measurement of fitness is. I imagine this might change over time as I achieve the level of fitness I want now, then I can set another goal. At the moment, being able to run 5km and doing a complex pole routine without feeling like I’m dying at the end is how I’d measure fitness currently.

Pole dancing

I have a long way to go before I am what I think of as a good pole dancer, but I have a few milestones along the way to help get me there. So being able to hold an invert, then choreographing a routine and then maybe competing in an amateur competition before moving on to something like Miss Pole Dance.

Healthy eating

Lots of people have different ideas about what this looks like and to be honest I don’t really by into much of the fad stuff like paleo or raw diets or whatever. I particularly find it challenging to have the time to do all of that but nevertheless would like to make healthy changes to what I’m eating. So for me that means less cafe bought lunches, more fruits or fruit products like dried fruits or fruit yoghurt, and more salad wraps rather than heavy bread sandwiches or rolls, and definitely healthier dinners. One of my biggest problems is grazing once I get home, so I need to figure out how to wind that back.

Neat and tidy house

I suspect this is going to be a challenging one because I live with my partner and will really need his input in cleaning up after himself. He’s shocking at it, and I’m not the best but I can keep on top of my own mess when I apply myself but he’s a bit of a slob which frustrates me. So this one is going to be about talking with him I think, discussing what is an isn’t an acceptable measure of messiness, and maybe even create a roster of some sort to help keep the house tidy.

A cleaner house

This ties in with the previous one. I already put a lot of effort into keeping the house clean, but with two people and a dog it takes more than what I would do living on my own. Really for this I would like to see no dog hair on the floor, if something is spilt on the floor it’s cleaned up straight away, and for the toilet and shower to be cleaned more regularly. This one I think is really going to need a roster that I’m sure I’ll have to enforce somehow.

My spiritual side

To me this is all about spending time with myself doing things like meditation, maybe a bit of yoga and relaxation as well. The self-love and self-healing sort of stuff. There are all sorts of sessions, half day retreats, and even weekends where you can go and spend time doing this stuff so I think it’ll be a matter of making sure I book in to do some of those.


Now that I have a bit of an idea of what for me is involved in each of these I can begin to make some solid plans and goals to help me achieve those. I think I have a lot of work ahead of me with some of it, but I feel good about doing it and working towards all of this.

Have you done this before? Looked at the things that you want and done some goal setting and planning around them? Do you have any tips or tricks you can share with me?

Take care,


My Victorian Getaway

I have been absent from blogging for over a week now, not for no reason but because I desperately needed time to think and work out what it is I actually want and need to be doing here. Not just with this blog, but with many other parts of my life as well. Let me tell you how this all came about…

On Saturday 13th February I headed over to Victoria for a short getaway. I was staying with a friend who I used to work with, and she has been studying many forms of healing, mostly spiritual in nature. I guess you would call her an esoteric healer.


The reason I chose to go over to stay with her at that time was because on the Sunday she was doing a Horse to Heart Mindfulness session. This is a mindfulness and meditation session where she uses her horses as kind of like a grounding force, the are big animals, they are calm, and they also have massive heart space so if you’re like me and feel a bit heavy hearted and want to lean on someone, you can just lean on the horse and let it out. Which is exactly what I did.


This was then followed by a spiritual healing session on the Monday morning before I left. I have always been curious about this and open to the idea that maybe there is something more out there, or scientifically maybe it’s just some kind of psychology behind meditation and music. Whatever you want to believe, it was an extremely powerful session for me.

The question I held in my mind was “Am I on the right path?” There were a couple of streams behind that; my relationship with my mother, my relationship with my partner, work and study and volunteering, blogging. In my mind I had these visions of different aspects of my life for example, my mother, every time she came near I was filled with a blackness that came from her and envisaged myself pushing this blackness back to her so as not to consume myself. There were many other things that I saw and felt during the healing and it brought up things that I honestly didn’t even know were bothering me, and I am still feeling the repercussions of those now a week later.


With my blogging, I actually have three blogs all about totally different things and I realised that although I love blogging I was making it more about getting those likes and comments and stuff, and less about me and expressing myself. I found that I was blogging up to 3-4 times a day across all these different blogs and would get really stressed if I wasn’t able to do it. So I realised that I needed to take it back down to a level where I still enjoyed it and it was about expressing myself and sharing how I feel about things with, well, whoever the hell wants to read my blog.

So I am in struggle town at the moment, sorting through all of this, though thankfully haven’t gone back into my binge-eating habits which is a win. But I do feel that come what may, the changes I need to make, it fills me with light so I know I will be ok.


This kind of spiritual healing I know isn’t for everyone. I had some incredibly powerful visions while I was doing it and felt like I’d run a marathon afterwards. If you have an open mind and feel like there are things that are unresolved or buried and you need help working through them, then maybe interview a couple of healers and see if you meet any that you have a connection or feel comfortable with, and try it out.

I’m going to be a volunteer!


On Tuesday I had an interview with Zoos SA for a volunteer position with Monarto Zoo. I’m happy to say that I have been accepted, woohoo!

What this means is I have to do a day of orientation and basic training, and then three days of specific training with the group I’ll be working with which is the Mallee Minders. Basically the Mallee Minders look after the zoo land, so it could be anything from a spot of gardening, building paths or helping with fire breaks, anything that helps maintain the land of the zoo.

There will be a second round of training from about July this year where I’m also hoping to do training as a Platform Host which means you go out on the platforms and just talk to people, answer any questions they may have about the zoo or the animals in them. I like the people interaction of that role, but also the fact that it’s not a Tour Guide position which means you’re not repeating the same script over and over again.

Do you do any volunteer work? Let me know in the comments below how you find the volunteer work you do!

Take care,


Two short holidays booked!

I’m a bit excited, I’ve booked a couple of short holidays over the next couple of months, woohoo!

The first one is a weekend trip to Victoria in a couple of weeks to visit a friend of mine who runs mindfulness sessions with her horses. I used to work with her and we always had such great deep and meaningful conversations so I’m looking forward to spending some time with her, meeting her horses and participating in one of her mindfulness sessions as well.

The second trip is an Easter holiday my partner and I are doing to Kangaroo Island. He has never been and I haven’t been since I was about 8 years old. It’s a beautiful location and despite being a small island there is quite a lot to do. We actually went away for Easter last year as well so I’m hoping this will be something that becomes a bit of a tradition for us, so even if we don’t get to do a big overseas trip or something every year or two, at least we do get to have some time away together each year.

Do you have any holidays coming up that you’re looking forward to? Either big or small ones?

Take care