Kracie Happy Kitchen Hamburger


When I was shopping with a couple of girlfriends last weekend we stopped in a store that does imported snack foods and this mini hamburger set was there. It’s a Japanese product and basically there’s a whole lot of powders and trays and you mix stuff together, microwave it and Bob’s your uncle, you have a mini hamburger, fries and drink!

Below are the steps that show how it all goes together. First of course you have to take everything out of the box, which comes neatly wrapped in another packet, but be careful when removing this as you need it to make up things like the tray, fries packet and cheese template.


And below is all the stuff contained in that inner packet…


Then… let’s go and cut everything up ready to start making the burger meal.


First bit to actually cook is the fries. This is in the yellow packet, which you empty into the triangle shaped tray with the ribs in the bottom of it. There is a little “cup” for lack of a better word, and you put two of these cups of water in, stir it all together and then press it down to the bottom of the tray. You might need to get in there with your fingers to squish it down.


This then goes into the microwave for 30 seconds for a 600W microwave or 40 seconds for a 500W microwave. When it’s done you pop the block of uh, fry, out of the tray and then use the ribs as guidelines to chop it into fries and then stick it into the fries packet.


Next we move on to the burger part, this is the brown packet. It’s emptied into the square dish and then, the instructions I had said add one cup of water, but I had to add two to get it to stick together properly so maybe start with one and see how you go. This then gets squished into the middle tub of the three tub tray.


Then we put the buns together which is the orange packet. This also gets mixed in the square tray – you might find you need to clean the trays and the spoon in between mixes. With this bun powder you add 2 cups of water, stir it and then you spoon one half into each of the round tubs to the side of the burger. The mixture should only come up to about where the line is half way up the bun tubs.


Here is what that three tub tray will look like when the burger and bun mixes are in. This will need to go in the microwave for 30 seconds for a 600W microwave or 40 seconds for a 500W microwave.


When it comes out of the microwave you cut the buns in half, and then you’re supposed to cut the burger into 4 patties so that the burgers end up like a double burger bun, but it’s too tiny to do that, so I just left it at 2 patties.


Next bit to make up is the cheese which is in the blue packet. This goes in either the corner or the square tray it doesn’t matter. Add one cup of water to the cheese powder and mix it together. Then you grab the part of the packet that had the blue rectangle on it and try to press the cheese out to match the dimensions of the blue rectangle. Obviously my squashing ability isn’t that great so my cheese doesn’t look perfect!


You then cut this rectangle in half to make two square slices of cheese and these get popped on top of the burger patties.


So the next part was going to be the ketchup to finish off the burgers but I opened the wrong bloody packet and didn’t realise until I’d added water, so I ended up making the cola first. You take the little cup and fill it till the water is about 1cm from the top and then add the cola which is the pink packet. It will fizz and bubble for a few seconds, then just give it a quick stir and it’ll be all good.


Ok so then I did the ketchup which is in the red packet. This can be mixed in either the triangle or the square dish, either is fine, and then just add two cups of water to it and stir. It makes heaps of ketchup so there’ll be plenty for the burgers and left over if you wanted some for dipping the fries in.


The ketchup then gets spread over top of the cheese on the burgers, or I suppose you could put it on the bun, whatever your preference is.


Then it’s just a matter of finishing the burger assembly and stabbing them with the little toothpicks and voila there’s your meal! I included an Australian 50 cent piece in the picture below so you can get an idea of just how small this snack/meal is. It’s pretty darn tiny that’s for sure.


Did I eat it? I did. I tried not to think about what I was putting in to my body with eating it, but I was pretty curious about how it would actually taste. It wasn’t that great, flavour or consistency wise but it was still a fun little exercise.

There are a few other snacks like this that Kracie do, like donuts and sushi and stuff. This was quite entertaining so I might get those at some point and see what they’re like.

Have you tried any of these before? What did you think of them?

Take care,


Product Review: The Chia Co: Chia Seeds


I received a couple of sachets of chia seeds in the December Goodness Me box. I think we’ve established by now that I really enjoy being able to eat healthy foods when they’re in a delicious snack. The chia seeds as a standalone product, I have to admit I was at a bit of a loss with what to do with these.

What is it: Chia seeds! And more chia seeds, and a few more… That’s all there is to it. So chia seeds are loaded with lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so are quite healthy for you. The recommendation is to just add the chia seeds to foods such as cereal or yoghurt or salads and include them in your diet that way.

Is it any good: I tried it with my cereal and don’t really rate it, especially not if you’re having Sultana Bran or Cornflakes, the chia seeds almost turn it into like a gritty sludge and they kinda get stuck in your teeth. I didn’t find anything amazing happened to my body or my energy levels or anything like that when I had it so sure it might be one of those healthy foods but with just a couple of sachets it’s hard to feel the benefits.

I did manage to get my hands on an extra couple of samples so if anyone else has any ideas I’d love to hear what meals or even snacks you’ve made that you have included these in. I am thinking hiding them in something like spaghetti bolognese, maybe the cooking will soften them up a bit?

Value for money: Catch of the Day are selling at 500g bag of these for $16.99 which, when you think of what it is doesn’t sound too bad but it would make me think twice about investing in it.

Recommendation: If you can pick up some samples see if you can find a way to include it in your diet and let me know if you noticed any difference with your body. Personally I probably wouldn’t purchase this, not at the price that it is.

Product Review: Kookas Natural: Oat Coconut


I received a sample of this product in the December Goodness Me box. It’s another sweet treat which gets me excited, I like combining healthy and yummy so was looking forward to trying this.

What is it: They’re cookies, om nom nom! They’re about the size of an Aussie 50c piece, so only small but they’re 100% natural, and these ones in particular are a healthy version of the Anzac biscuit, so it’s full of coconut, oat, cinnamon, even sultanas. They do contain gluten, nuts and sulphates though.

Is it any good: You know I’m one of those fortunate ones; gluten, nuts and sulphates don’t bother me so these treats are fine for me to snack on. They were quite flavoursome and moist, not so much like a cookie, almost like a cake crossed with a cookie. Reminds me of Jaffa Cakes…sort of.

I will say this though, the calorie content in these little buggers in enormous. Just one of them is a serving size…and they’re the size of a 50c piece. Given that, these aren’t a snack that would keep me satiated for very long, or make me feel like I’ve been able to really indulge because it’s just too darn small.

Value for money: Kookas sell packets of these on their website for $11.95 for a 150gm packet. To me this is really quite expensive, but I guess when you think about cost per serving size maybe it isn’t so bad? If you don’t mind small serves?

Recommendation: I’m conflicted, I thought these were really yummy, but I just can’t get past that serving size. I would want to eat a whole lot more of them before I felt satisfied, so for me I wouldn’t bother, there are so many other options out there. But if you don’t mind a small serving size then for sure, try these out.

Product Review: Goodness: Organic Chia Seed Oil


I received a small bottle of this in the December Goodness Me box, and was quite interested to see what benefits chia seed oil could offer me, whether my skin as this recommends or even applying it to my hair and cuticles.

What is it: It’s the oil that comes from chia seeds when you “squeeze the bejesus outta these little seeds”. Supposedly the oil contains a whole lot of nutrients; omega 3, essential fatty acids, B-vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants. The website suggests using it on your face, it can be under moisturiser or make up, or just on its own, and the recommendation is to do this morning and night.

Is it any good: I didn’t like this product. At all. Primary reason, it stank to high hell. To me it almost had a strong fishy smell that lingered on the skin for a good few hours. If you like that smell great, I find it rather awful. It’s supposed to smell nutty and earthy so maybe it’s just my noses interpretation of those smells? The oil and the smell are also supposed to vanish as soon as you put it on, and it most certainly didn’t on my skin, the smell lingered and so did the oily, greasy feeling. To give you an idea I also tried this on a patch of dry skin on my hand (thanks to the work air conditioner) and it did nothing. So then I Googled other uses and saw mention that it can be good for the hair as well, nice and enriching and leaving it feeling soft and silky. I didn’t notice an improvement to my hair either but then my hair has never been dry or anything either.

Value for money: Priceline were selling 20mL bottles of this for $11.99, but are currently out of stock. It seems kinda gimmicky to me so the price is probably ok for something like this.

Recommendation: Pass. Yep, definitely skip over this one if you see it.

Product Review: Harvest Box: Health Bombs


I received a snack pack of the Health Bombs in Crazy Cacao in the December Goodness Me box. Going by the card in the box I was lucky to get the Health Bombs rather than the Power Mix, which are like nut and seed mixes which I find utterly boring. So I was quite pleased to get these Health Bombs instead which are like sweet little nuggets of healthy goodness!

What is it: They’re small bitesized balls that are cold pressed, no added ingredient combinations of cacao, chia and cashew, plus dates, whey protein and coconut. A serving of this snack is about 40g and is worth 136 calories, so it’s a really decent size without being too high in energy for a snack.

Is it any good: Oh they are so yummy! They have a sweetness from the dates and the coconut and are a great snack to nibble on and are just filling enough. There are a couple of other flavours of Health Bombs as well that look tasty, Gogo Goji, Berry Bazooka and Banana Smoothie.

Value for money: I have found these for sale on the Coles website for $2.75 per snack pack which is a little on the pricey side for just one snack pack.

Recommendation: They are a relatively new snack I think so not readily available everywhere, apparently you can get them at Coles supermarket but I have yet to spot them. If you can find them I’d definitely try a pack and see what you think!

Product Review: Food for Health: Vanilla Blueberry Bar


I received one of these muesli bars in the December Goodness Me box. Muesli bars aren’t typically something that interest me as a snack, when they’re tasty ones I find that they can be quite calorie dense without being satisfying, and when they’re the healthy kind, they’re just bland..and still unsatisfying.

What is it: It’s a muesli bar, a healthy one though. So it is gluten free, no added sugar and also low in fructose, it also contains superfoods, teff and quinoa for protein, so it’s everything you could want for a healthy muesli bar.

Is it any good: It’s ok. I’m not particularly a muesli bar fan anyway, so me saying it’s ok, well if you like muesli bars you’ll probably like this one. I had expected for a healthy muesli bar it would be bland and gritty from seeds and what not, but this one had just enough blueberry bits dotted throughout it to give it a bit of sweetness. It was maybe a little “stick in the teeth” sort of thing because of all those small seeds like chia, and I’m guessing it was the rice syrup that helped it stick there. But overall, yeah it was ok for a muesli bar!

Value for money: The Aussie Health website are selling a 6 pack for $7.95 which is quite pricey, you could pick up like a 12 pack of Coles muesli bars for about that price, but then they wouldn’t be anywhere near so healthy!

Recommendation: If you are a health nut or want to encourage your kids to be a health nut, and have the budget for it, then it might be worth trying this product out as a healthy alternative.

Product Review: Morlife: Choc Coated Goji Berries


I received a sample sachet of this snack treat in the December Goodness Me Box. I’m always on the hunt for healthy snacks that are substantial, filling and tasty. Plus I’ve never tried goji berries before, so I was really looking forward to this one.

What is it: Goji berries covered in decadent dark chocolate is what it is, yum! The idea behind Morlife creating this was to have a nutrient dense snack that was still super tasty. As a bonus this snack is also gluten free, it doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives, so is totally guilt free.

Is it any good: Oh my gosh, I loved this snack, it was absolutely delicious. There’s the sweetness from the chocolate, and the goji berries which was like a sweet berry crossed with sultana type flavour. The aftertaste was a bit like an ovaltine, so overall it was a lovely sweet treat.

Value for money: You can buy packets of this directly from the Morlife website for $7.95 for a 150g packet, though I think I’ve seen them in Coles for about a dollar cheaper. Keep in mind the suggested serving size is 10g, but you could bump that up to 30g and still keep it under 150 calories, so overall it’s not a bad price really.

Recommendation: If you’re a sweet tooth like me and looking for a healthy snack alternative which is still sweet and you can have a decent size of without ingesting too many calories, then I would definitely try this out.

Product Review: Oxfam Green and English Breakfast Teas


I received two tea bags of each the Green and the English Breakfast teas in the December Goodness Me Box. I love tea so this was right up my alley. Whether it’s teas like English Breakfast, or Afternoon, or Darjeeling, anything like that I enjoy drinking, plus herbal teas like Green tea and other varieties like those T2 sell, so I was a bit excited to be able to try a couple of different ones from a brand that is new to me.

What is it: It is tea, and in a bag which makes it a bit easier. If you want to get technical, green tea should only be placed in water ranging from about 60 to 90 degrees Celsius, and steeped any time between 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes, all depending on the type of tea. I’m not that technical so I just boil the kettle and sit the tea bag in for a couple of minutes before removing.

With the green tea, some like to put a bit of honey in to sweeten it, but I don’t feel the need to. The English Breakfast on the other hand I’ll use a spoon of sweetener and a dash of milk.

Is it any good: I wasn’t really sold on the flavours of these teas. The green tea had a slight bitter after taste which made it a bit hard to get through but the flavour was otherwise ok. The breakfast tea though wasn’t really very nice. Instead of having a rich bodied flavour, the tea flavour was taken over by the bitterness of it and I had to use twice as much sweetener to be able to drink a cup.

Value for money: Oxfam have a huge range of tea available on their website, the Green and English Breakfast teas in particular you can pick up for $4.95 for 50 tea bags which is not a bad price for a fair trade product.

Recommendation: If you want to support fair trade then this would be an option, but if you’re a tea lover you might find it a bit hard to do as the flavour isn’t as great as some other brands.

Product Review: Table of Plenty: Lemon and Herb Dukkah


I received a box of the Lemon and Herb Dukkah in the December Goodness Me Box. I don’t mind dukkah, I think there are some really amazing flavours out there, but it’s not something I eat on a regular basis. I had to try this though, so I packed myself a special afternoon tea one day at work with fresh bread, olive oil and the dukkah so that I could try it out. I even sat in an office on my own so that I wasn’t disturbed, how dedicated is that?!

What is it: Dukkah is a blend of seeds and nuts with some spices thrown in. It’s a traditional North African food and can be great just with fresh bread and olive oil, or you could use it on fish or in a salad, or almost anything really. This particular dukkah’s base is almonds and it uses Australian lemons plus a combination of herbs and spices such as coriander, basil and sumac for flavouring.

Is it any good: It wasn’t too bad. The reason I tried it with just bread and olive oil was so that I could get a strong idea of the flavour of it. It’s pretty subtle though and I could only really taste a hint of the lemon and herbs in it. I would have preferred something a bit stronger so you get a real flavour hit, but if you were just using this as say an appetiser before a main meal it would probably work well. That subtle flavour would be just enough so that guests didn’t feel the need to gobble it all up and not have room for the rest of the meals!

Value for money: Table of Plenty sell this on their website for $3.50 which isn’t bad for something that can be used at a dinner party. For every day cooking though, I would stick with my normal array of seasonings which would be more cost effective.

Recommendation: Worth a shot if you’re looking for something with a soft flavour for a dinner party.

Product Review: Sealand Birk Birch Water


I received a 330mL bottle of the original flavour birch water in the December Goodness Me Box. Honestly, I’m a simple kinda gal when it comes to my water, I don’t really go for flavoured waters or anything like that, preferring to keep it plain. Still I was interested to see what this water would be like, how different it would taste to normal tap or filtered water.

What is it: Birch water is water that is harvested directly from a Birch tree in early spring and contains a buttload of sap which is supposed to be good for you and also makes the water taste a little bit sweeter as well. It is also 100% organic and claims to boost your body and mind as well.

Is it any good: The taste of the water reminds me of cross between honey and maple syrup, and it’s not a subtle flavour either, it’s quite strong. That sweetness being so strong makes it unpalatable for me. I got through half a bottle, with lots of face scrunching and then had to give it up. I shared it with a guy that I work with though and he quite liked it, he didn’t think it was too sweet, he quite enjoyed it. So I think it’s just a matter of personal taste.

Value for money: You can buy this direct from the Sealand Birk website for $44.00 for a pack of 10 330mL bottles which is quite expensive.

Recommendation: It depends what you like in terms of flavour, for instance if I was feeling dehydrated I could easily down a bottle of Powerade, but I wouldn’t be able to down a small bottle of this, it just tastes way sweeter than Powerade, almost sickly. Because of that, personally, I wouldn’t buy this drink.