Throwback Thursday, 3 September


In last week’s post I looked at the evolution of the phone, or more specifically the ones we used around the home. Then I hit about the time when the mobile phone was invented and wow didn’t phone technology explode then!

So we ended last week with this picture of the first mobile phone which was released in 1984. Can’t see this baby fitting in anyone’s back pocket, can you?!


As I was perusing the internet looking for appropriate mobile phone pictures I found one that sums everything up really neatly, and I thought rather than reinvent the wheel, I would include their infographic on this post instead.

From Bricks to Brains: The Evolution of the Cell Phone
Image source:

See…I told you there was a buttload going on with the evolution of phones over the last 30 years!! I see quite a few models of phones on there that I’ve had over the years, how about you? Any stand out phones on there that you loved or hated?

Enjoy and take care!


Picture reference (mobile growth pic):

Throwback Thursday, 27 August


It surprises me sometimes how some young people don’t know what old phones looked like, or even that maybe they used to have a cable from the phone to the receiver, or that you used to have to be transferred through an operator. So today for Throwback Thursday I thought I’d have a look at how phones have evolved up until the first mobile phone and then next week I’ll continue that train of thought and take a look at the evolution of mobile phones.

Many people have probably heard of Alexander Graham Bell right, the guy who supposedly invented the telephone? But did he really? Not necessarily. Bell was just the first person to patent the idea of a telephone and so is widely known and associated with the telephone. Between 1854 and 1876 several people had been designing telephones, like Antonio Meucci created a telephone like device, while Johann Philipp Reis actually made a prototype! Yeah yeah, that’s all great, but what did they look like?

1870s – the first telephone looked something like this…hardly even recognisable as a telephone is it?


1880s – this is a Gower Bell telephone, it replaced the Morse Telegraph


1890s – starting to look a bit more recognisable as what we know as a telephone


1900s – a slightly different design but still kinda looks like a telephone


Ok I’m going to skip ahead a bit here before we hit the scroll of death with so many pictures in this post! Let’s see what are the highlights between 1900 and now…

1960s – we had the rotary phone. Who remembers those? It’s a bit before my time but that was one of the first phones I remember using when I was growing up in the 1980s and 1990s.


1970s – so I think this phone was actually on the cusp of the 1970s and 1980s with its fancy push buttons, how cool lol, then shortly after that they morphed into the cordless handsets that we know today…if anyone has house phones these days which I don’t!


1980s – the first mobile phone was released in 1984 and it looks like a giant beast of a thing!


I was going to continue on up until now, 2015 but as I hit the 1980s I realised that there is a huge amount of change in such a short amount of time, especially with the introduction of mobile phones. So I think that already gives me an idea for next week… I’ll take a look at the evolution of mobile phones, stay tuned!

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Picture reference (rabbit cartoon):

Picture reference (1870s):

Picture reference (1880s):

Picture reference (1890s): “1896 telephone” by 1906 Kungliga Telegrafverkets apparater (Royal Telegraph Administration apparatus) at Project Runeberg :1896_ ‘1896 /0004. :1896]Edited version of Licensed under Public Domain via Commons –

Picture reference (1900s):

Picture reference (1960s);

Picture reference (1970s):

Picture reference (1980s):

Throwback Thursday, 20 August

I’m a bit sore from being at the gym tonight and so it inspired me to look up some old workout videos from the 1980s. Like this one for instance….

I’m sure there are still loads of these kinds of workouts that you can get on DVD, or even if you wanted to look on YouTube like I did, there’s tonnes of them all full length!

It brings back so many memories though that old video. Waking up early on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons, only to find that Mum has hijacked the TV to do her Jane Fonda workout. Not to mention the workout clothes from the 80s! Wowser, high waisted undies over the top of tights, no thank you. Mind you I say that, but then what I wear for pole dancing isn’t much different lol.

The outfits were as colourful then as they can be now, which I personally find the be a good thing. I mean, sometimes when I’m feeling a bit gross anyway because I’m sweating so much, but there’s something about wearing pretty clothes – pretty clothes that you’re meant to get sweat soaked! – that makes a workout a bit easier to do.

Out of curiosity I decided to Google a few pictures to see how gym fashion has changed since the 1980s, and here are some pictures:


1908s fashion image


1990s gym wear image

2000s – Looking almost exactly like what’s worn now

2000s gym wear image


2010s gym wear image

Picture references:





Throwback Thursday, 13 August

The Americans imageThe Americans is kinda sorta but not really a throwback… It kinda is in that the TV show itself is set back in the 1980s during the Cold War with Russia, and it’s kinda not because well it’s airing on TV right now!

It’s a TV show that I’ve only just started watching, it’s a drama series but also has enough action to keep you interested. It centres around two KGB officers, Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, who are undercover as a normal American married couple with two children. It also has a main focus on an FBI agent named Stan who is working to try and stop the KGB.

I am actually really enjoying this show. I’m not sure how realistic it is in terms of the double lives that the KGB officers are leading or even how the FBI agent deals with his family issues is, but it is fascinating. That the KGB officers, who are not actually married, just faking it, still got down and dirty often enough to have two kids…talk about dedication. But when does it end for them? Do they ever get to “retire” and live out their lives? How would that complicate things with their children? Would they stay in a country they despise just because their kids are American? Or would they reveal all to their children and then skip of home to Russia? But then would the KGB kill them and their kids because they spilled secrets?

Don’t even get me started on the FBI agent on the way he’s treating his wife, that’s just going to blow up in his face and he’ll lose everything he cares about. Or maybe he doesn’t care anymore and that’s why he’s doing it.

Anyway, I’m only on the first season, but so far this period drama has me quite interested and kinda hooked. My only thought though is that so far there doesn’t seem to be a recurring theme for the season, aside from KGB want to destroy America and the FBI want to destroy the KGB officers… well duh, that’s just what the whole show is based on, but normally there’s one big point to a season, and I haven’t found it yet, it just seems to be each episode there’s some sort of plan to kill someone or get information or something, and the FBI or KGB foil it for the other party…and repeat. And yet it still has me watching more!

Throwback Thursday, 6 August

In the digital day and age where you can chat to people on Facebook from your phone, send emails via your phone, a whole number of things… and very rarely does anyone send letters or messages by mail. My Mum is a sentimental old duck and likes to send cards with messages in them – the latest a congrats on buying our house.

This got me thinking about the number of letters I used to send when I was younger. Did anyone ever have a pen pal? Or does anyone still have a pen pal?

I had a number of pen pals as a kid. I was in the Girl Guides when I was younger and I think I had a pen pal over in the US, but then my other pen pals were actually just other kids I knew. Even one who was just down the street, I’d write her a letter and then walk down and put it in the letterbox.

But it wasn’t just about writing letters, it was about having pretty funky paper, how could you make it more interesting with funny quotes or facts, sometimes sending little gifts like collector cards of some sort. Then of course there were the chain mail letters… Even before they popped up on email I was subject to them by actual mail! The difference was, being a kid I had fun doing them and now it’s just like, ugh…delete!

My parents must have spent a fortune on stamps, I tell you!

Do any of you still send letters to people or are you all electronic? If you do send letters, what do you like about doing that over using email or something?

Take care,


Throwback Thursday, 30 July

Image of the Wheel of TimeThe Wheel of Time is a series written by Robert Jordan. Sadly, Robert Jordan passed away before he could finish the series so the last three books I think it was, were written by Brandon Sanderson.

The Wheel of Time series was the first series of books that I fell in love with. It is such an amazing fantasy series that right from the very beginning I was suckered in, and have been ever since.

The first book in the series, The Eye of the World, was written in 1990 and the final book A Memory of Light, was written in 2013. I still remember getting a copy of The Eye of the World for Christmas one year from my Dad, I was about 14 at the time and was into books like the Tomorrow series by John Marsden. I remember looking at the cover of the book and wondering what the hell my Dad was thinking when he bought me a book that looked like an ancient fantasy novel.

Well if that wasn’t a good first lesson in not judging a book by it’s cover, I don’t know what is! I was apprehensive when I first started reading it, and at first I was a bit exasperated at having to read a few sentences and then go to the glossary in the back to understand what the hell I was reading. But once I clued on…the rest is history.

Every birthday or Christmas after that I was asking for the next book in the series, and I’d go back and read all the books again right from the start so I could jump right into reading the next one… That is, until I caught up with the series and had to wait a couple of years at one point I think. It was like torture because it was getting right to the climax!

After Robert Jordan died and I got my hands on the first book written by Brandon Sanderson, I was again apprehensive. I really wanted to finish the series but what if Brandon Sanderson ruined it and wasn’t true to Robert Jordan’s story and the characters? I did some research on Brandon Sanderson and his relationship with Robert Jordan and apparently they were close and Robert had written substantial notes and specifically asked Brandon to finish the series if he died. So it was with that that I started reading the last three books. I have to say, though it wasn’t exactly the same as Robert Jordan’s style of writing, I think Brandon Sanderson did a really good job in finishing the series. There was a really strong element of Robert Jordan coming through in the last three books, even though it was more to Brandon Sanderson’s style, so it was still an enjoyable read…and still my favourite series.

So that’s the first ever series of books that I fell in love with. Do you have a favourite series of books? How did you come across them?

Take care,


Throwback Thursday, 23 July

Image of a Tamagotchi, Throwback Thursday 20150723Who remembers Tamagotchi’s?

I can’t remember what made me think of these the other day but when I was in maybe Grade 6 in Primary School, Tamagotchi’s spread through all the kids like wildfire; everyone wanted one!

I definitely wanted one. I wasn’t allowed to have a real pet so why not a make believe one? I actually didn’t get a Tamagotchi, but I got one of the other competitor brands, though for the life of me I can’t remember what the brand was now.

But they were all the same sort of thing, you have a digital animal that hatches out of an egg and you have to take care of it. By taking care of it you have to feed it, play with it, clean up after it and train it. The pet grew up, went through various life stages, and if you were lucky enough not to kill it somewhere along the way, then it would just eventually die of old age and then you hatch another pet!

Interestingly though, I was reading about Tamagotchi’s on Wikipedia and apparently there was a lot of concern from adults about Tamagotchi’s and what impacts they might have on children. For instance, some were concerned that children could form attachments to a non-sentient being which may draw away from real life pets or relationships, and become devastated when their fake pet died. Or even one of the Tamagotchi’s had a game on it that one politician thought should make it rated an R18+ game for fear that it could turn children into the gamblers of tomorrow. Part of me really wonders if that’s actually the case, or if it just takes an adult mind to come up with that shit, cos I tell ya now, it didn’t affect me in that way… But then I’m no child psychologist either so maybe there are children out there who may be susceptible to that kind of thing.

Did you have a Tamagotchi, or do your kids have one of the more recent versions of them? What are your thoughts and experiences with them?

Take care,


Throwback Thursday, 9 July

Throwback Thursday image, 20150709

This is one of my favourite images that I took of the beach down near my rental property. I bought the unit just over 7 years ago after I split up with my boyfriend at the time. With the market prices being what they were back then, it was almost the same price to rent something as to buy it, so I figured, why not buy it?

The beach in the photo is about a 10 minute walk from the unit and this was actually taken from the top of the cliff, there’s a path you can take to walk down to the beach, it’s an absolute killer to walk back up, it’s so steep!

I loved living in that place though, it gave me a fresh start, and something that was all mine, something I had achieved all on my own, I learnt a lot about myself living in that house and going through the struggles of interest rates going up and barely being able to afford the mortgage repayments. But it all got me to where I am today, so I wouldn’t change anything.

About 18 months ago though, I started moving in with my current boyfriend while we started doing my unit up, and I’ve now been fully living with him for about a year, and my unit has been rented out for about that long too. Now, my boyfriend and I have just bought a house together, not far from my unit and only a little further from the beach.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of Throwback Thursday, with a little bit of current news thrown in! Do you think I told any porkies in this post? Feel free to comment below!

Take care,


Throwback Thursday, 2 July

Throwback Thursday is another feature post for this blog where I’ll be taking something from the past, maybe a photo, toys, anything at all, and I will tell you the story behind it. However, the story I tell you might not be the truth, or it might not be the truth, it’s up to you to read it and tell me if you think it’s true, or make up your own story and share it with me.

Image of me and a kangaroo.I’m starting easy this week and sharing a picture of me being a goober and pulling a face while standing next to a kangaroo that also looks like a goober.

Ok, so I’m not actually really short, that kangaroo is a real life example of a mega fauna species that used to exist around Mount Gambier, and went extinct thousands and thousands of years ago. Scientists aren’t entirely sure why but suspect is was because they were big and slow and so they were easy prey for the native peoples at the time.

I’m not one to do the normal, stand by something weird and take a picture. Nope, I have to do something weird as well, just to make it that little bit more entertaining for the home viewers lol.

This picture was taken at one of the information centres at the Naracoorte Caves National Park. Not exactly a “throwback” as it was taken only last Easter, but it was the last holiday my partner and I went on and I thought it kind of fitting seeing as I’m travelling for work right now and Monday next week we’ll be heading to Bali for a week and a half!

So am I telling the whole truth? Is there another story you can make up from this picture? Share it in the comments below!