Friday Favourites

There’s quite a bit of turmoil happening in my life at the moment so I am struggling to pick some highlights for the past week, but then that was the point of these posts anyway. When I’m feeling down this makes me reflect on the good things that happened in the previous week rather than only thinking about the not so good things.

Drifting competition. My partner’s drifting competition was last Saturday and he did pretty well despite a couple of car issues. It’s a very long day but at least the weather was beautifully warm, and I took a magazine with me so I was able to read a bit when I wasn’t watching him.

Date night. I say date night, but it was actually a day that we had put aside which deliberately focussed on me and what I needed to feel loved. I wrote a list of things from which my partner got to pick two (and another two next time, and so on until I have to write a new list), and I got a massage and we played a boardgame together.

Day off. I took Wednesday off work, and feel really grateful I can just call my boss and tell him that I need to chuck a sickie to take care of some things, like this day. It was spent doing things to care for me while things are a bit down, and so I saw my psychiatrist which made me feel a lot better and more secure and validated I guess, in how I’m feeling.

I haven’t regressed. Coming out the tail-end of having an eating disorder and having some struggles at the moment, it is really challenging for me not to slide back into my old habits, but I’ve done it so far which makes me happy with my self. I seem to cry a lot more but that’s also why I booked in to see my psychiatrist, so that he could help me work through all of that.

Chat with friends. It’s funny, with what I’m going through at the moment, there have been a couple of friends who have shown a lot more care for me than the ones I had thought I was close to, who have listened with half an ear but then not seemed interested. What’s that called, the fair weather friend? Anyway, this is teaching me a lot about some friendships and I have been extremely appreciative and felt loved by those friends who have supported me this week.

I hope you are doing well, if there are any highlights you’d like to share in the comments, please feel free!

Take care,


Friday Favourites, 15 January

Another week into 2016 already, can you believe it? I hope you have all had a great week, mine has been largely uneventful and yet still really tiring.

Bulk cooking. I don’t know why this is a highlight because I don’t really like cooking that much, but I am pleased that I spent some time on Sunday whipping up a few meals for us to have during the week. I’ve done this a couple of weeks now and am finding it is so much easier coming home at night and just being able to grab a good, healthy meal out of the freezer rather than having to cook.

Beach time! Best part about summer of course is being able to soak up those lovely warm rays. Last Sunday I spent some time at the beach with a couple of girlfriends and it was so nice, relaxing and refreshing.


New wax. Ok this might be a bit of a weird one, but I started seeing a different beauty therapist and she uses a different kinda wax on my lady bits and it is sooo much better than what I had used on me before!

Dietician. I saw my dietician yesterday and she says that I’m doing well in her opinion, I’m starting to work out what works for me in terms of my eating and what will help me control it, so that was a really positive catch up.

Potential work trip. I found out this week that I might be headed over to Sydney for a work trip at the end of August for a conference which, if happens will be great as I might be able to sneak in a catch up with my brother while I’m there, so keep your fingers crossed!

How was your week? Let me know in the comments below what highlights you have to share.

Take care,


Getting Personal – Eating disorder progress…

Progress is hard I find. Well, I think I find it hard to feel like I’m making progress even when maybe I am. I still have good days and bad days, I think that will continue for a while yet but most days I feel pretty good even when I’m not able to control when I’m eating. When I don’t feel gross or horrible about my eating, that is progress for me.

There’s a few things that have been helping with my progress, one of them is seeing a psychiatrist, one of them is seeing a dietician, and one of them is reading a book called Overcoming Bulimia Nervosa and Binge-Eating Disorder. Because I can’t see my psychiatrist and dietician every day the book is the thing I’m clinging to at the moment.

There are several steps to the book and each step has been created so that it builds on the step before it. So far I am up to Step 3.

Step 1 is to write down everything you eat, what time you eat it, where and to add context, for example “I had an argument with mum and now want to eat this block of chocolate”, that sort of thing.

Step 2 is to plan your meals and snacks each week, but the idea here isn’t to necessarily make it a healthy eating plan, more just something you know you can stick to. So if you know you’re going to crave that bar of chocolate in the afternoon, then maybe you allow yourself to have one guilt-free.

Step 3 which is all about distractions is the step that I’m up to now. I am struggling with it. I had to come up with a list of tasks that might distract me when I feel the urge to binge, and I actually wrote a couple of lists. One for when I’m just around home say, and one for when I’m at work. But I am struggling with this step in that, the other day as an example, I was craving chocolate and I used those distractions on my list but then felt massively guilty (and so wanting to binge even more!) because I did virtually no work because I was too busy distracting myself! I’m sure that’s not conducive to getting better, so I’m not really sure what to do but I’ll start with revisiting that distraction list and see if maybe there’s something else I can do to distract myself.

So I am making progress, though it is sometimes painfully slow and frustrating. And if you have any ideas about distractions I could use at work I would be open to hearing suggestions!

Take care,