Friday Favourites

What a productive week I’ve had, so much has been going on!

Pole class. I had my dance class on Saturday and we started learning the routine this week which is always fun.

Shopping. I met up with a couple of girlfriends on Sunday and we went looking for clothes to wear to a high tea that we’re going to in a couple of weeks. Well they looked, I was just there for the company as I already have a dress to wear.

Pamphlet delivery. So I signed up to do pamphlet delivery, the pay is crap really but I thought why pay to go to the gym and walk when I can get someone else to pay me to walk. So we’ll see how it goes.

Lunch. I went to lunch with a girlfriend which was nice, it was good to catch up, we haven’t been out for a while.

Coffee and cake. One of my staff took me out for coffee and cake today,she had noticed that things hadn’t been so great for me lately and was worried about me. It was nice to have someone just notice like that and ask if I was ok.

How has your week been? Did anything special happen?

Take care,


Friday Favourites

The last week has been a tough week for me, mostly because my dog was sick the last weekend so I was quite stressed and anxious about how she was doing of course, and also having had a couple of days off, work was really busy trying to catch everything up. But anyway, there were still a few highlights I can think of throughout the week.

Oxfam book sale. Oxfam have a second hand book store in the city and on the weekend they had a massive 50 cent book sale. So I went along to that and spent a whopping $5, I even went all out and spent 50 cents on my Dad – I know, I know, big spender right!

My fur baby came home. After being sick my dog finally came home on Monday night and has thankfully been back to her bright, happy self all week which is wonderful.

Waxing lady. I had my waxing done on Tuesday but didn’t realise that because Monday was a public holiday the vet fees wouldn’t come out until Tuesday which put my over my limit for card transactions so I couldn’t pay for my waxing. Fortunately my waxing lady is incredibly generous and allowed me to pay the following day which I am really grateful for.

Morning tea. I caught up with the girls for morning tea on Wednesday which was nice, it’s something we haven’t been able to do as frequently but it’s always good to catch up for a giggle.


Presentation practice. One of my staff and I are doing a webinar with our clients on Monday, so this afternoon we did a rehearsal for what we were going to say during the presentation. It went really well and we feel quite prepared, we have our talk tracks and links and things to do for each other all ready so I think it’ll be a success.

How has your week been? Are there any highlights you’d like to share?

Take care,


Friday Favourites, 13 November

Things are starting to settle down this week which is a nice relief, the last couple of weeks have been quite busy. I hope you have all had a great week!

Zoo visit. I went to the zoo with my team from work which was lovely. It was a perfect day and we enjoyed each others’ company.

Deposit for cake. I’m having a custom made cake made for my birthday and not only is everything else for my party coming together, I just paid the deposit for the cake so the girl who’s making it can get ingredients and start working on it.

Morning tea. It has been a while since the two girls in my team and I have been able to catch up for morning tea because one has been on leave and we’ve all be playing a bit of catch up. But it was nice to sit down and see how her holiday was and just have a chin wag.

Lunch with Mum. I had lunch with Mum this week, it was a bit of a celebratory lunch because of my promotion and because she got her first job. Good for her, she’s been out of work for about two years while trying to get her life back on track after breaking down and trying to manager her bipolar.

Lunch plans. One of the guys in my team has organised a lunch with our extended family team because I have taken over managing both his team and another one, with a view to celebrate my promotion and the coming together of the teams. I was really touched by this, it’s a really nice gesture.

Let me know in the comments if you have any highlights you’d like to share.

Take care


Friday Favourites, 14 August

Oh another week has gone by, I can’t believe we’re about halfway through August! Not just that, but I can’t believe how far we are through the year already… and that much closer to being 30 in three months, boo.

Ok, let’s see what were the highlights of my week.

The orange tree. Our new house has an orange tree, and you should see the oranges that are coming off it at the moment. Oh my gosh, they are an amazing colour and size, and so sweet and delicious! We have too many for us to eat ourselves, so we’ve been sharing them out with friends, family and work buddies.

Working relationships. I don’t mind my work actually, the people and the environment I work in are pretty darn good. This week in particular there have been a couple of standouts, one was a meeting with a colleague where we’ve both been trying to design procedures to help our two teams work towards and end goal, that has been really positive. The other is a couple of clients who, you know you have a good relationship with when they include jokes and funny pictures in their emails, so that has made this week much more enjoyable.

Chai and cake. Normally on Wednesday morning a couple of the girls and I go and grab a coffee/chai and cake to break the week up a little bit and have a chinwag. This week though I had so many meetings I wasn’t able to go, and so the girls brought me back takeaway while I was in a meeting which was really sweet.

A new (sort of) gym. At my old place I was a member of a ladies only gym and so this week I transferred my membership to the city location so that I could go there after work on my way home. The reason for that is because they don’t have a gym near my house. The gym there is quite nice, it is so spacious and they have so much equipment, I just have to hope I don’t get lost trying to find my way around lol.

A new travel routine. Our new house is a bit further away from work (ok a lot further away), so my partner and I have been working out a new travel routine to get us to and from work. I have been driving to work, and then he takes the car to his work, and then at the end of the day, because he finishes later than me, I head to the gym and he picks me up from the gym. We’ve had the first week with this new routine and so far it’s working pretty well. I like travelling together, especially because it’s such a long drive having the company makes it a lot more bearable.

How was your week? Let me know in the comments what the highlights were for you!

Take care,


Friday Favourites, 17 July

I have done hardly any blogging this week as we were rounding up our trip to Bali, waiting in airports and getting home and being sick. The week has been full of ups and downs but right now I’ll just focus on the ups!

Relaxing by the pool. The first few days of our holiday in Bali was really full on, so it was nice to spend some time just relaxing in the warmth of the sun by the pool.

Original flights home. Fortunately, even though the volcano in Indonesia erupted again while we were on our way to the airport, we were still able to get our original flight home. There was a bit of waiting around to get cleared, but we were relieved to be going home as scheduled.

Seeing my pooch. Oh it was so good to see her sweet little face again, and she was so super excited to see us when we got home!

Sleeping in my bed. Sometimes, no matter how comfy the bed is when you’re travelling, it’s a relief to sink into your own bed for a good nights’ sleep.

Coffee and cake. I went out for coffee and cake this morning with a couple of the girls from work to celebrate one of their birthdays. Lovely ladies, it’s always nice catching up with them.

Tell me in the comments below, what were your highlights for the week?

Take care,