Throwback Thursday, 8 October – Makeup: 1985 vs 2015

On a whim, just out of curiosity I thought I’d see how different makeup looked in the year I was born (hint: 1985) to how it looks now. Some of doesn’t look so different, it still looks scary in some instances let me tell you!

The couple of images below are the least scary makeup looks.





It’s the eyes that have changed a lot I think. A lot of the every day looks I see don’t have too much going on around the eyes, it’s more natural, and then combined with a bright beautiful lip colour. Those times when the eyes do have a full on look happening it is usually paired these days with a light or nude coloured lip.

What do you think looks better, the 1985 look or one of the 2015 looks?

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Picture reference 1985:

Picture reference 2015: