Friday Favourites

There’s quite a bit of turmoil happening in my life at the moment so I am struggling to pick some highlights for the past week, but then that was the point of these posts anyway. When I’m feeling down this makes me reflect on the good things that happened in the previous week rather than only thinking about the not so good things.

Drifting competition. My partner’s drifting competition was last Saturday and he did pretty well despite a couple of car issues. It’s a very long day but at least the weather was beautifully warm, and I took a magazine with me so I was able to read a bit when I wasn’t watching him.

Date night. I say date night, but it was actually a day that we had put aside which deliberately focussed on me and what I needed to feel loved. I wrote a list of things from which my partner got to pick two (and another two next time, and so on until I have to write a new list), and I got a massage and we played a boardgame together.

Day off. I took Wednesday off work, and feel really grateful I can just call my boss and tell him that I need to chuck a sickie to take care of some things, like this day. It was spent doing things to care for me whileĀ things are a bit down, and so I saw my psychiatrist which made me feel a lot better and more secure and validated I guess, in how I’m feeling.

I haven’t regressed. Coming out the tail-end of having an eating disorder and having some struggles at the moment, it is really challenging for me not to slide back into my old habits, but I’ve done it so far which makes me happy with my self. I seem to cry a lot more but that’s also why I booked in to see my psychiatrist, so that he could help me work through all of that.

Chat with friends. It’s funny, with what I’m going through at the moment, there have been a couple of friends who have shown a lot more care for me than the ones I had thought I was close to, who have listened with half an ear but then not seemed interested. What’s that called, the fair weather friend? Anyway, this is teaching me a lot about some friendships and I have been extremely appreciative and felt loved by those friends who have supported me this week.

I hope you are doing well, if there are any highlights you’d like to share in the comments, please feel free!

Take care,


Friday Favourites, 2 October

A few highlights for me this week, and I’m happy to say that the weather has just been so beautiful this week, and is continuing to be beautiful all this weekend, which is a long weekend, woohoo!

Brunch. Last Saturday I went out to brunch with a couple of girlfriends for one of their birthdays. Though the place we went to didn’t exactly live up to expectations, it was really great catching up with them.

Family time. Also last Saturday, my Mum came over to help me finish my birthday invitations, and my Uncle and cousin also stopped around to say hello because they haven’t seen our new house yet.

Date night. My partner and I had a date night, we just did a home cooked meal but then went to the movies and saw The Visit. If you haven’t seen it or heard of it, check it out, it was pretty good!

Pole class. It was the start of a new term for exotic pole so I decided to continue it until the next full term comes around in a few weeks. I am enjoying it I have to say, it’s nice to bring sexy back to pole, and we’ve even been talking about dressing up each week to really get into it, so we’re making it a bit more fun that way.

Lunch with the girls. Normally we do morning tea on Wednesdays but we decided this week we’d go savoury and also get a chance to enjoy the weather and so we went to lunch at the pub next door and sat outside in the beer garden which was lovely.

How has your week been? Is there anything you’re looking forward to this weekend?

Take care