Friday Favourites

Another week has gone by and I don’t know about you but mine has been pretty jam packed.

Pole class turn private lesson. On Saturdays my pole classes are at 8am, which understandably it’s hard for some people to find the motivation. We’re a few weeks in to term now and it was only me at the last class so it turned into a bit of a private lesson as well which was great.

Lunch with my grandparents. On Sunday I caught up with my grandparents for lunch for the first time in a while which was nice.

Home away from home. With everything that’s going on in my personal life it was nice to take a bit of time away from home and stay at my Dad’s for the week while he was away. My dog and I even enjoyed a nice walk in the reserve that backs on to the house.

Business cards arrived. I ordered some business cards for Nutrimetics and they arrived in the post this week, woohoo!

Nutrimetics Centre Stage. Nutrimetics held a centre stage event called the Professional Make-up Masterclass where we got to hear about the newest eye shadow Nutrimetics have brought out in their professional make-up range.

Monarto Zoo Volunteer Day. I had a lovely day up at the zoo on Wednesday, it was only 2 degrees when I got up there but the sun was shining brightly and it turned out to be a lovely day.

Aquapole. Another week and another workout with a couple of my girlfriends, I am enjoying being able to see them every week!

See what I mean about a jam packed week! I hope you all had a great week and please feel free to share your highlights in the comments.

Take care,


Motivational Monday – A Day Off

It’s a public holiday here today, and what a wonderful day to start off the week, with the first day off of work, woohoo!

I’ve had really busy weeks and weekends lately so I’m spending today relaxing on the couch not doing much at all. So far it’s brilliant.

I did go for a walk earlier this morning though, just through a reserve which was a nice way to start the day, and the week.

What do you like to do on public holidays?

Take care,


Friday Favourites

The last week has been a tough week for me, mostly because my dog was sick the last weekend so I was quite stressed and anxious about how she was doing of course, and also having had a couple of days off, work was really busy trying to catch everything up. But anyway, there were still a few highlights I can think of throughout the week.

Oxfam book sale. Oxfam have a second hand book store in the city and on the weekend they had a massive 50 cent book sale. So I went along to that and spent a whopping $5, I even went all out and spent 50 cents on my Dad – I know, I know, big spender right!

My fur baby came home. After being sick my dog finally came home on Monday night and has thankfully been back to her bright, happy self all week which is wonderful.

Waxing lady. I had my waxing done on Tuesday but didn’t realise that because Monday was a public holiday the vet fees wouldn’t come out until Tuesday which put my over my limit for card transactions so I couldn’t pay for my waxing. Fortunately my waxing lady is incredibly generous and allowed me to pay the following day which I am really grateful for.

Morning tea. I caught up with the girls for morning tea on Wednesday which was nice, it’s something we haven’t been able to do as frequently but it’s always good to catch up for a giggle.


Presentation practice. One of my staff and I are doing a webinar with our clients on Monday, so this afternoon we did a rehearsal for what we were going to say during the presentation. It went really well and we feel quite prepared, we have our talk tracks and links and things to do for each other all ready so I think it’ll be a success.

How has your week been? Are there any highlights you’d like to share?

Take care,


Motivational Monday – Dogs


My poor little dog has been sick the last few days, though she came home this evening thankfully. She had some kind of gastro, the vet isn’t really sure what caused it. They’re seeing a lot of dogs come down sick at the moment with the same symptoms and they think it could be something to do with the last couple of weeks of humidity we’ve been having, which can be an awesome growing environment for bugs, and not so great for everything else!

Anyway, not having her with me the last couple of days just made me realise how big a part of my life she is and how much I really missed her company. It may not seem like much because you don’t spend all your time interacting with them, but she’s my companion and when I’m sitting blogging or watching TV she’s there, she’s a presence. I can hear her breath, yelp in her sleep, fart, snore, you name it. I love her, I cuddle her, she’s my little buddy.

This poster reminds me of how I imagine a lot of dog owners must feel. I rescued Izzy from a couple who were splitting and couldn’t keep her any longer. She was about four months old at the time, and a nervous nelly. She’s nearly nine years old and still is a bit nervous sometimes around new people. Anyway, although I didn’t have to pay an adoption fee, the money that I had to pay to make her well again over the weekend… it can’t compare to seeing her back to being her happy little self again, that tail windmilling and her backside wiggling from side to side uncontrollably. That brings me so much joy and happiness, even when she also slobbers all over my face trying to lick me hello.

Sick little pooch

My poor little dog has been sick the last couple of days. On Friday she started getting the runs and in the evening it turned mucusy and bloody and then Saturday morning I couldn’t get her to eat anything or drink any water so we took her straight to the vet and she was admitted to hospital with some kinda doggy gastro thing that’s going around. She was so severely dehydrated we were lucky we took her in when we did. Oh I nearly wanted to cry, my poor little girl.


I got to spend some time with her at the hospital tonight, she’s still got the runs a bit but not as bad as it was, and no blood thankfully. She is eating again as well and seems more like her normal self so is definitely on the mend. Fingers crossed she will be coming home tomorrow!

It has been a really hard weekend I have to admit. Quite emotionally draining from all the worrying I’ve been doing about my dog, but as I keep reminding myself, she is getting better!

Friday Favourites, 17 July

I have done hardly any blogging this week as we were rounding up our trip to Bali, waiting in airports and getting home and being sick. The week has been full of ups and downs but right now I’ll just focus on the ups!

Relaxing by the pool. The first few days of our holiday in Bali was really full on, so it was nice to spend some time just relaxing in the warmth of the sun by the pool.

Original flights home. Fortunately, even though the volcano in Indonesia erupted again while we were on our way to the airport, we were still able to get our original flight home. There was a bit of waiting around to get cleared, but we were relieved to be going home as scheduled.

Seeing my pooch. Oh it was so good to see her sweet little face again, and she was so super excited to see us when we got home!

Sleeping in my bed. Sometimes, no matter how comfy the bed is when you’re travelling, it’s a relief to sink into your own bed for a good nights’ sleep.

Coffee and cake. I went out for coffee and cake this morning with a couple of the girls from work to celebrate one of their birthdays. Lovely ladies, it’s always nice catching up with them.

Tell me in the comments below, what were your highlights for the week?

Take care,