Friday Favourites

I’m a bit late with the Friday Favourites, but a few good things happened over the past week, so late or not I’m going to share what has been going on. I hope you have all had a great week as well, as always feel free to share with me any highlights from your week.

The High Tea Party. A couple of girlfriends and I went to The High Tea Party last weekend which was held at the Hilton Hotel in Adelaide. It was a lovely event with nice food and lots of shopping stalls as well. So all very bad for the waistline and wallet, but still a lot of fun!


Massage. I had a remedial massage last Monday by a guy who I haven’t been to in years. He used to come into my old work and do office massages but then finished up with that company and I’d lost contact with him till I heard about another lady I know seeing him and was able to get his number. It was excruciatingly painful because I haven’t had a proper remedial massage in so long, but then my body felt so good and was holding so much less tension in the muscles.

The Big Chop. I had all my hair cut off. Ok well, not all of it, but a significant amount of it. I’d kept my hair long, I don’t mind long hair and my now ex-partner preferred it long. But then I decided it’s time to go back to having short hair which I absolutely love, and it just feels oh so good!

Nutrimetics. At The High Tea Party the Nutrimetics company was there and I’d been tossing up whether or not to join as a Consultant and so I took the opportunity to chat with a couple of the ladies about how the company is run and what the profits are for it. In the end I decided to join up. I’m a bit nervous and a bit excited about the opportunity.

Lunch. On Thursday I caught up with one of my work mates for lunch which was nice. We haven’t gone out for a while so it was nice to sit down and have a good chin wag for a while.

How was the last week for you all, was it a good one?

Take care,


Motivational Monday – Hair cuts


I have heard many people say that getting a new cut or style is sometimes like having a holiday. It can be incredibly refreshing to have a new look, it can also be a huge adjustment if it’s a massive change. Usually in a good way, you keep touching it and looking at it in the mirror in fascination.

I am getting a new style tomorrow night and I am super excited. I have long hair at the moment, I had been growing it long because that’s how my boyfriend liked it. Though I think long hair looks quite pretty, I find it quite annoying to look after so have always favoured short hair. Now that he and I aren’t together anymore I am going back to having short hair, woohoo!

Now I just need to decide on a style… And the Googling fun begins.

Friday Favourites

I hope everyone had a great week last week. My week wasn’t too full on but a lot seemed to happen, some of which is pretty exciting!

Pole class. Last Saturday I was finally able to start classes again, with my dog being sick and then going on a holiday, and various other things, I missed a few weeks of it so it feels good to finally be back. Because it’s halfway through the term I’m just doing a couple of classes on a casual basis but it still feels good to be going in there again.

Monarto Zoo volunteer day. I had another volunteer day on Wednesday, just one more and I’ll be “qualified” yay! We did a lot of planting for feed and watering and checking/fixing irrigation.

Rhinos. Part of where we were planting on Wednesday was behind the rhino exhibit and while we were there I got to pat a rhino which is super cool!

Hair done. On Thursday I had an appointment with my hairdresser so I had a few blond foils put in, not heaps blond just like a caramel/honey colour to lighten the brown a bit, and then had a cut as well and it’s long enough now that I was able to get some layering done.

I’m going to Africa! One of the other volunteers at the Zoo has organised trips every now and then for groups of volunteers and the one he’s organising for next February is a safari tour around Tanzania and Rwanda. I decided to put my name down for it and am organising for my bank to pay deposits and all sorts this weekend. It’s 10 months away I know, but I’m pretty excited!

How was your week? Are there any highlights you’d like to share?

Take care,


Friday Favourites, 18 December

Yay it’s Friday! That’s almost a highlight of the week in itself for me, I have to say I’ve been having one of those weeks where since Tuesday I’ve been convinced it was Friday for most of the day. So it has been a hard week for me!

I really think I need to start carrying a notebook with me because sometimes when it gets to Friday I struggle to remember what has happened during the past week.

G1 Drift. My partner competes in a local drifting competition of which there are three rounds per year and the one last Saturday was the last for the year. Although the car didn’t behave itself and broke the diff, the weather was perfect and it was a lovely day outside.

Lazy Sunday. Sunday was a bit warm so I just had a lazy day doing some things around the house which was nice.

Cut and colour. I saw my hairdresser on Tuesday night and got a a trim to tidy the ends and had a colour put in as well. I love getting my hair done! I only went one colour all over which was a rich red-violet colour, but because I’ve had so many other colours in it and my hair is naturally multi-colour, it looks all sorts of variations of the red-violet which is pretty cool.

Work lunches and breakfast. With Christmas coming and so many people going on leave this week has been full of lunch catch ups and even a breakfast yesterday morning which has made the week a lot of fun, but also very bad for my waistline!

Cupboard space. We have been slowing getting our house organised and picked up an old cupboard we had left at my partners parents old house. It’s now living in the spare room and being used for storage space. What bothers me is having a whole lot of stuff, just random stuff, and not having anywhere to put it. So even though it doesn’t fit nicely, if it’s in a cupboard at least when you look into the room where all the random stuff was previously just on the floor, things look neat, so I’m happy now.

How has your week been? Any highlights you’d like to share?

We have also been having a heat wave this week, which can sometimes be a nice change if the heat wave is up to 35 degrees Celsius but this one has been 40+ degrees Celsius which is a bit too much so I can’t really call that a highlight!

Take care,


Throwback Thursday, 19 November – Bobby pins

KirbigripsWe all know what bobby pins are, right? The little metal or plastic bits you stick in your hair (sometimes head, ouch!) to hold hair in place? I was curious as to where these originated from and so decided to look it up and came across some other fun facts while I was at it.

Originally called the bobbing pin (but also known as the bobby pin, hair grip or kirby grip), it was created in 1899 by a guy in Paris named Luis Marcus. This invention supposedly coincided with a hairstyle known as the bobbed hair or bob cut style, a style which rapidly gained popularity because of the bobby pins.

Typically bobby pins are tinted to look close to hair colours but of course you can get bejewelled ones, ones with flowers on them, or ribbons, or any number of other things to jazz them up a little bit.

But did you know, bobby pins aren’t just used for holding your hair up or making it pretty with decorations? Check out this list of er, suggested uses:

  • Clean the wax out of your ears (I have to be careful about leaving bobby pins laying around my house as they have been known to disappear into someones ear…)
  • Book marks (I like my books so I probably wouldn’t do this)
  • Lock picks (has anyone tried this? I’m sure I did as a kid for shits and giggles and didn’t get anywhere)
  • As clips to hold food packets together (A good alternative if you don’t have a snap lock bag handy I guess)

Do you use your bobby pins for something other than hairstyling? Let me know in the comments below if you do!

Take care,


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