Product Review: Harvest Box: Health Bombs


I received a snack pack of the Health Bombs in Crazy Cacao in the December Goodness Me box. Going by the card in the box I was lucky to get the Health Bombs rather than the Power Mix, which are like nut and seed mixes which I find utterly boring. So I was quite pleased to get these Health Bombs instead which are like sweet little nuggets of healthy goodness!

What is it: They’re small bitesized balls that are cold pressed, no added ingredient combinations of cacao, chia and cashew, plus dates, whey protein and coconut. A serving of this snack is about 40g and is worth 136 calories, so it’s a really decent size without being too high in energy for a snack.

Is it any good: Oh they are so yummy! They have a sweetness from the dates and the coconut and are a great snack to nibble on and are just filling enough. There are a couple of other flavours of Health Bombs as well that look tasty, Gogo Goji, Berry Bazooka and Banana Smoothie.

Value for money: I have found these for sale on the Coles website for $2.75 per snack pack which is a little on the pricey side for just one snack pack.

Recommendation:¬†They are a relatively new snack I think so not readily available everywhere, apparently you can get them at Coles supermarket but I have yet to spot them. If you can find them I’d definitely try a pack and see what you think!