Throwback Thursday, 29 October – Coffee and espresso machines

Our coffee machine at work is broken. Technically it might actually be called an espresso machine because it does everything from grinding the beans to frothing the milk, whereas coffee machines I think are just like percolators and what not. But hey, coffee comes out of it at the end of the day.

The coffee machine at work is old, like really old. But not old enough to be antique, but it is so old it did make me wonder what the first coffee machines were like…and so over to good old Google I went.

coffee-percolatorThe first coffee machine was supposedly invented in 1818 and was like a percolator where you apply heat and the heated water infused with the coffee and then it dripped out a tap.

The first coffee filter paper wasn’t invented until 1908 though by a chick just looking to get better tasting coffee. She tried a few different types of paper until landing on blotting paper and finding it the best option, an voila we have filter paper!

traditional_espresso_machine-227x300The first espresso machine was invented in 1822, surprisingly not long after the coffee machine. Though I suppose good coffee can be addicting so one can’t really blame them. The espresso machine used steam to force water through ground coffee, yes a steam powered coffee machine! It definitely looks like a steampunk espresso machine too!

The modern espresso machine that you might see at cafe’s, or in our office (we’re getting a new one, yay!) was invented in 1946 and is all automatic and of course electrically powered. It looks pretty cool though, it’d be awesome if they started bringing out retro coffee/espresso machines cos I tell ya if they looked as cool as this I’d be tempted to get one at home just for show!