Kayaking with Dad

My Dad has never been kayaking before but has been thinking about getting one to take out himself. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to grab mine and take him out to see what he thought of it.

He enjoyed it but because he has a bit of a bad back he’d probably need to get one of those seats you can put in to help support the back a bit more. We’ll see how he’s feeling about it tomorrow when his arms, shoulders and back muscles have been able to catch up with him!

Below are some pictures I took of our trip out, just along the Onkaparinga River.

Motivational Monday, 11 January – Mondayitis


Mondayitis is totally a thing… after a beautiful day yesterday relaxing in the sun at the beach, and now today, being at work and it being overcast and raining, is just kind of miserable!

Are you also suffering from Mondayitis today? What tips and tricks do you have to help recover from it?

I am thinking, do something that makes you happy. Or maybe several things. Listen to music, watch a funny TV show or movie, (if it was sunny) go down to the beach, sunbathe, go kayaking, shopping is can be funĀ if you have some spare cash. Any other suggestions?

Take care,


Picture via Wait There’s More.


Friday Favourites, 8 December

I can’t believe the first week of January is over already, time has flown by! Not that I’m complaining about the work time flying by, but the free, social time flying by I have a problem with! But then I suppose it does that when you’re having fun.

I hope you’ve all had a terrific first week of the year!

Shopping with Mum. I haven’t gone shopping with my Mum for a while because we don’t have the best relationship I don’t always like to spend a lot of time with her. But we have been trying to forge a new relationship, and so I invited her to come shopping with me during the new year sales which turned out to be pretty good.


More presents. Because getting Christmas presents wasn’t enough apparently, my Mum decided to give me a couple extra! One was a lovely Guess purse (Guess is my favourite label), and one was a bright red essie nail polish.


Kayaking. We took the kayaks out on Sunday and though it was beautiful being out in the sunshine it was windy as hell which made for difficult going, but we still managed to hit our goal which was to paddle out to the sea from the river.


New 2016 diary. For Christmas I ordered my Mum a custom diary filled with pictures of my little family, i.e. me, my partner and our dog. There were some issues with postage from Photobox and they ended up sending me another one for free cos the first didn’t arrive (Photobox are great like that). I got the resent one before Christmas and just this week received the original one. So Mum got one and I decided to claim the other one for my own!

Manicure. While I was waiting to be picked up from work on Tuesday I had my nails done at a little shop just down from my work which was a nice, relaxing way to spend my time while I was waiting.

I hope you all had a great week, let me know in the comments below what highlights you’d like to share!

Take care,


Motivational Monday, 4 January – Be Active

One of my goals for this year is to be more active. Less time on the couch, more time being active in some way like exploring the great outdoors.

Kayaks are a wonderful way to do that, either down a river or the beach. I’m fortunate to live close to both, and in fact the river my partner and I paddled down last weekend runs out to the ocean and provides some beautiful views.

I’ve included a few photos below, and I would encourage all of you to try and be more active this year, especially if it means being outside and seeing what nature has to offer.

I would have taken more but my new camera didn’t have a memory card in it at the time, but I think you get the idea looking at those few pictures.

Christmas Wrap-Up!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas day with lots of yummy food and lovely presents!

Mine and my partners Christmas family gatherings started on Christmas Eve with my Mum’s side of the family. We don’t give presents to each other anymore because it ended up that we were just going “what would you like?” and buying that, so we just figured we’d buy it ourselves. I did get something for my Mum though, she bought a Suzuki Swift about a year ago and wanted dash mats and seat covers, so I bought her a Super Cheap Auto voucher. But because I don’t really like getting people vouchers, I also went on to the Photobox website and made her a personalised 2016 diary with pictures of me and my partner and our dog in it. My Mum got some of the pictures from our Bali trip and made a collage of them in a really big frame which is nice. It’s quite huge and heavy so we need to work out where we can hang it where it won’t fall off the wall!

For Christmas Day lunch we went to my step brothers house…or maybe it was more like an early dinner. They tried lunch a few years ago and haven’t learnt anything about timing because lunch was at about 3pm! Anyway, my siblings and I do a Kris Kringle present giving which makes things easier when there are six of us! I had my sister in law this year and I bought her a Pandora stacker ring, my partner had my eldest step-brother and got him a small kitchen veggie/herb garden, and I got a perfume and lotions set and he got a Super Cheap Auto voucher. For my Dad we got him tickets to the Australia Day cricket and gave my step-Mum the bellabox Christmas box. From them I got a fancy drink dispenser and some money and my partner got an air sander.

We finished up the day at my partner’s parents place and we got his Mum a personalised 2016 wall calendar, we had an extra one made for his Gran as well. For his Dad was some fishing thing for his boat which I really didn’t understand what it was! And for one sister we got the bellabox Christmas box and the other one we bought a T2 teapot with matching cup and three little tins of loose leaf tea. Gosh we always get spoiled when we’re over there, we got a rotary clothesline, because the one we have now is hung under the carport and I can’t reach it! Along with some pegs and clothes bags and a voucher for Bunnings. My partner also got a life jacket for when we go kayaking and I got an Anaconda voucher to buy some accessories for my kayaks. I also got a couple of makeup and jewellery cases as well and my partner got another toolset and some little sorting tubs for the shed.

Did you all have a nice Christmas? What presents did you get?

Take care,


Deferring uni

I’ve been thinking for the last few months about what I want to do with myself. Obviously I have to work because bills have to be paid, so full-time work will need to continue, but the other biggest thing was my uni work.

To give a bit of background, I started uni again because I didn’t enjoy the work I was doing and so was looking at it as an investment in a career change. But now, I do enjoy what I’m doing and the company I’m working for and so it’s more of a hobby now; something to do because it interests me.

University as a hobby is a huge investment, in terms of time and effort and it’s also an added layer of stress because of the assignments and deadlines. I can’t help but feel it’s being a bit wasted on me because I’m not taking it seriously.

In addition to uni, I also want to volunteer at Monarto Zoo one or two days a month, of course there’s still pole dancing and the gym which I haven’t had much time for lately, and I want to be able to take my kayaks out. That’s just all the things I want to do without thinking about seeing family or friends, so quite a lot on my plate!

The one thing I feel that’s really holding me back from investing in all that or doing it as much as I wished I could is uni. Purely because uni takes up so much of my time in the evenings and on the weekends, I don’t often feel like I have time for much else.

So having thought about it long and hard, I’m going to defer uni next year. I’m not sure if I want to give up my position in the course yet, so deferring at least gives me some wiggle room to see how next year goes, I can do all the things I want to do and then decide if I really want to give up my position.

Friday Favourites, 11 December

It has been a really exciting week for me, there have been a couple of really big highlights.

Kayaks. Last Saturday I picked up my new kayaks which was pretty exciting. I didn’t go out on the weekend though because the weather was about 40 degrees celsius which was a bit too hot to be out for long.

Breakfast catch up. I caught up with a couple of girlfriends for breakfast. I haven’t seen them for a while so it was lovely seeing them for breakfast at a beachside cafe. Good company and a good view!

Zookeeper experience at Monarto. For my 30th my Dad and step-Mum bought me a Zookeeper for a Day experience at Monarto Zoo. It was absolutely amazing, such a wonderful experience to be up close and personal with the animals.

Test drove a new car. I’ve been looking for a new car and have quite list of cars to look at, and I test drove one that I’m pretty excited about and is up the top of my list and it was actually quite nice to drive.

Booktopia delivery. Today my birthday book haul on Booktopia got delivered which is super exciting. I went through all the sales and was able to get 24 books!

I hope you all had a wonderful week, let me know in the comments below if you have any highlights to share.

Take care,


Friday Favourites, 4 December

What a week it has been. Wrapping up my birthday and then trying to work out what to get family for Christmas, to actually doing some shopping and trying to get everything online…and oops buying things for myself instead!

Mecca. So this bit of online shopping was for me, and I had a voucher for my birthday. It was so hard to choose what to get though, but I was very surprise that after making my order on Sunday night, it was delivered on Tuesday!

bellabox Christmas box. I got the first of two on Wednesday, these are actually for Christmas presents, one for my step-mum and one for my partner’s sister. Great little present for the ladies who like a bit of pampering.

Morning tea. As usual the girls went for morning tea on Wednesday which is always a nice little catch up and break from work.

Kayaks. For my birthday my brother was getting me a kayak and I got a whole lot of cash as well which I put towards buying a second one so either my partner or a friend could come along, and I bought those on Thursday and will be picking them up on Saturday, woohoo!

Work Christmas lunch. Today we had our work Christmas lunch which was nice. We had a round of bowling and then headed to the pub for a nice sit down three course meal in one of the pubs private rooms.

How has your week been? Have you been able to do all of your Christmas shopping yet?

Take care,