Throwback Thursday, 19 November – Bobby pins

KirbigripsWe all know what bobby pins are, right? The little metal or plastic bits you stick in your hair (sometimes head, ouch!) to hold hair in place? I was curious as to where these originated from and so decided to look it up and came across some other fun facts while I was at it.

Originally called the bobbing pin (but also known as the bobby pin, hair grip or kirby grip), it was created in 1899 by a guy in Paris named Luis Marcus. This invention supposedly coincided with a hairstyle known as the bobbed hair or bob cut style, a style which rapidly gained popularity because of the bobby pins.

Typically bobby pins are tinted to look close to hair colours but of course you can get bejewelled ones, ones with flowers on them, or ribbons, or any number of other things to jazz them up a little bit.

But did you know, bobby pins aren’t just used for holding your hair up or making it pretty with decorations? Check out this list of er, suggested uses:

  • Clean the wax out of your ears (I have to be careful about leaving bobby pins laying around my house as they have been known to disappear into someones ear…)
  • Book marks (I like my books so I probably wouldn’t do this)
  • Lock picks (has anyone tried this? I’m sure I did as a kid for shits and giggles and didn’t get anywhere)
  • As clips to hold food packets together (A good alternative if you don’t have a snap lock bag handy I guess)

Do you use your bobby pins for something other than hairstyling? Let me know in the comments below if you do!

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