Motivational Monday – Dancing


I’ve been feeling this way recently with my dancing and as a consequence haven’t been doing it as much as I used to. I’ve forgotten why it is that I love dancing. The meaning of it got lost in trying to learn and perfect different moves, and only doing that. That was the focus of my training sessions rather than just absorbing the music and letting it move me and my feet. That sort of letting go and letting my mind run free with the music is what I love about dancing, and that’s what I need to be doing more of, and not just practising tricks or movements.

I think this applies to pretty much anything really. Whatever hobby or job we have, we need to remember what it is we love about doing it so that we can continue to really, truly enjoy what we’re doing.

Take care,


Motivational Monday – Dogs


My poor little dog has been sick the last few days, though she came home this evening thankfully. She had some kind of gastro, the vet isn’t really sure what caused it. They’re seeing a lot of dogs come down sick at the moment with the same symptoms and they think it could be something to do with the last couple of weeks of humidity we’ve been having, which can be an awesome growing environment for bugs, and not so great for everything else!

Anyway, not having her with me the last couple of days just made me realise how big a part of my life she is and how much I really missed her company. It may not seem like much because you don’t spend all your time interacting with them, but she’s my companion and when I’m sitting blogging or watching TV she’s there, she’s a presence. I can hear her breath, yelp in her sleep, fart, snore, you name it. I love her, I cuddle her, she’s my little buddy.

This poster reminds me of how I imagine a lot of dog owners must feel. I rescued Izzy from a couple who were splitting and couldn’t keep her any longer. She was about four months old at the time, and a nervous nelly. She’s nearly nine years old and still is a bit nervous sometimes around new people. Anyway, although I didn’t have to pay an adoption fee, the money that I had to pay to make her well again over the weekend… it can’t compare to seeing her back to being her happy little self again, that tail windmilling and her backside wiggling from side to side uncontrollably. That brings me so much joy and happiness, even when she also slobbers all over my face trying to lick me hello.

Motivational Monday – Love is a Garden

Love is like a garden; you need to tend it with care each day to keep it alive.


I’ve no idea where I heard this quote but it is so true. Recently my partner and I have been having a few issues, I won’t go into detail, but it occurred to me that we really hadn’t been tending our love garden as well as we had in the past. We’re working at it now and have a plan for how we’ll keep it going and it’ll take commitment from both of us but that’s exactly what a relationship is, a commitment to keep tending each other and making it work.

For me, well for both of us, I think part of the challenge has been that we were alone for so long, and even in our relationship we have freedom to keep being individuals and doing our own thing; we don’t feel a need to spend all our waking time together. I think that individuality, though something we treasure, became a little too extreme and we did virtually nothing together for weeks and weeks, no dates, very little intimacy and so it resulted in us being more or less like WTF with each other. Now though we’re a little more aware of the impact that individuality has on our relationship and are proactively doing things like booking in dates and blocking out time to spend alone together, and not just watching TV in the same room, but actually being together. And doing this proactively rather than waiting for the weekend to roll around and realising that we have no time with each other because we didn’t plan it.

We definitely need to keep this phrase in mind, and not just a stop in with our partners to say that you love them, but quality love garden time.