Friday Favourites, 4 December

What a week it has been. Wrapping up my birthday and then trying to work out what to get family for Christmas, to actually doing some shopping and trying to get everything online…and oops buying things for myself instead!

Mecca. So this bit of online shopping was for me, and I had a voucher for my birthday. It was so hard to choose what to get though, but I was very surprise that after making my order on Sunday night, it was delivered on Tuesday!

bellabox Christmas box. I got the first of two on Wednesday, these are actually for Christmas presents, one for my step-mum and one for my partner’s sister. Great little present for the ladies who like a bit of pampering.

Morning tea. As usual the girls went for morning tea on Wednesday which is always a nice little catch up and break from work.

Kayaks. For my birthday my brother was getting me a kayak and I got a whole lot of cash as well which I put towards buying a second one so either my partner or a friend could come along, and I bought those on Thursday and will be picking them up on Saturday, woohoo!

Work Christmas lunch. Today we had our work Christmas lunch which was nice. We had a round of bowling and then headed to the pub for a nice sit down three course meal in one of the pubs private rooms.

How has your week been? Have you been able to do all of your Christmas shopping yet?

Take care,