Motivational Monday, 11 January – Mondayitis


Mondayitis is totally a thing… after a beautiful day yesterday relaxing in the sun at the beach, and now today, being at work and it being overcast and raining, is just kind of miserable!

Are you also suffering from Mondayitis today? What tips and tricks do you have to help recover from it?

I am thinking, do something that makes you happy. Or maybe several things. Listen to music, watch a funny TV show or movie, (if it was sunny) go down to the beach, sunbathe, go kayaking, shopping is can be fun if you have some spare cash. Any other suggestions?

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Motivational Monday, 17 August

Well hello, hasn’t it been a heck of a long time since I did a Motivational Monday post! I feel so bad, it’s right at the beginning of the work week and I get so distracted by actually surviving Monday-itis and relaxing for the night that I completely forget to write a post. I’ve set a reminder in my phone, for all of my timed blogs actually, so fingers crossed I keep on top of them now.

In thinking about Monday-itis and how to overcome it, here are some words about it. I don’t speak French so I’m not sure how correct the translation is, but it sure makes Monday sound a whole lot better!

Monday-itis image

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